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Flash Sale: Six Months for the Price of One!

Cleveland Browns fans! Get an awesome deal on a Scout and OBR Membership today only!


In honor of the kick-off of the 2015 season*, The OBR has decided to trot out another one of our legendary FLASH SALES with the following awesome-beyond-all-reckoning deal:

Buy one month of the OBR at the regular price before MIDNIGHT EST ON THURSDAY and get five months free!

No, don’t be fooled. This is not a product of the pre-season reality distortion field**, but an honest-to-goodness, we swear on a stack of old Street & Smith’s NFL preview guides bargain for the ages! You can honestly get six months of the OBR for less than the cost of a cold beer and a brat at First Energy!

What happens is that you go to the regular old subscription page and just buy a monthly subscription. After your seven-day free trial is over, you’ll get charged for one month. And then you won’t get charged again until February 2016*. That’s through the regular season, the usual post-season craziness and our always-great Senior Bowl coverage!

What happens when you subscribe to the OBR? Well, of course, you get our great members-only content and message boards, as well as members-only content from other great Scout sites like Buckeye Sports Bulletin and Indians Baseball Insider. Members are also eligible for 10% discounts from TicketMonster, where a single purchase could pay back the cost of this deal!

It’s almost too good a deal to be true. But it is.

Not only that, but you’re supporting the Internet’s largest independent Browns site and community, where your support this year has allowed us to expand the writing staff, update the website’s design and software, add breaking news video to nearly every article, and deliver a brand-new iPhone app! Please support the OBR, so we can make this site rock harder for you!


* Well, pre-season, anyway

** Like the one that made Ben Gay seem like the second coming of Jim Brown

*** You won’t see anything special about the offer on our subscription page, but just subscribe for a month and the magic will happen.

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