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Quotes to Note: The Youth Edition

The Cleveland Browns have some interesting young players. Our Insider gives us insight about five of them here.

- On UDFA DE Dylan Wynn

“He (Wynn) has had a good camp and is played himself into contention here. He’s physical, aggressive and shows an explosive quality. He has the type of physical ability that can play the end and slide inside. Wynn is another one of those players that has taken the suggestions from the coaches, put the work in and is giving himself a chance to become a player here. He’s competing within a very large position group and is holding his ground, it’ll come down to how he performs in these games for he and others, he has a chance here.”

- On UDFA WR Shane Wynn

“Shane (Wynn) is another guy that we felt could compete, could potentially put himself in position to be a player. This is a tough kid, mentally strong, physically will fight and is quick as lightning. Not every player is going to have those perfect physical measurables at the position, but that doesn’t mean a guy can’t play. We don’t have a problem with the ‘smaller’ type receiver types, in our offensive scheme, quickness, speed and the ability to get off press is what is ultimately important. In his case (Wynn), he has done some very good things in camp.”

- On WR Josh Lenz

“The one thing that stands out is he (Lenz) shows he has been in a camp before and has taken to coaching. He runs sharper routes, he’s in and out quickly and doesn’t make many mistakes. I’d say he’s a little quicker than we initially thought and one of those guys that come to work everyday, gives it his all and makes plays on the practice field. We have some very difficult decisions to make in the next couple weeks and Lenz has put himself into contention.”

- On rookie 4th round draft selection, S Ibraheim Campbell

“We found out early he is (Campbell) is everything we thought he was and more. We’re talking about a very bright young man that can play the game. He covers ground, isn’t afraid to put a hat on a guy — he works hard, studies the game and has done a very good job on the practice field. Thursday night he got better as the game went on, he became very reactionary once he was out there and was in position. Like all rookies, he is going to make mistakes until they gain experience, but with Campbell, he gets it.”

- On UDFA TE E.J. Bibbs

“What can you say, E.J. (Bibbs) has been everything you want to see in a young player coming into a situation without anything guaranteed. This kid is very athletic, his feet and hands are good, he has really worked to improve his routes and is getting stronger as a blocker. When we evaluated him, we saw a young player that had the physical tools and the right attitude, he has taken very well to coaching and has put himself squarely in the equation as a pass-catching TE, possible h-back type in this offense. This kid right here could be another one of those young guys that not only contributes, but does some special things down the road.”

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