VIDEO: Alex Mack, Healthy and Ready

Cleveland Browns starting center Alex Mack discusses where he is at physically in training camp, as well as his season-ending injury in 2014 and rookie defensive lineman Danny Shelton

On how he is progressing from his injury last season:

“I am feeling good. I think I am where I need to be at this point in camp.”

On if it was a fair assessment when Head Coach Mike Pettine said he believes he was playing himself into shape:

“Yeah, that is accurate. That is what you want in camp. You had some time off in OTAs. OTAs isn’t real contact football so you use this opportunity in camp and all the preseason games to get back into where you want to be for the first game. I think I am right on board and right on track to where I want to be for the first game.”

On if it is any different than previous seasons because of the injury or is that the case all the time:

“I think there is more of a focus on it. You are paying more attention to it. Making sure everything is where you want it to be. I am pretty happy with where I am at.”

On if he thinks about last season’s injury:

“At times a little bit but not really. There is so much to think about on each play that I am not all that concerned over the little injuries. That is part of football. You have a banged up finger, thumb, toe, earlobe or whatever it is going to be. You just kind play through all those earlobe injuries.”

if it is frustrating to be held out of some parts of practice or does he understand why the medical staff made those decisions:

“I understand that and I think it is good. We are pretty much on that same page. I think it is good to have it be that way and have (the medical staff) be the cautious ones and me anxious to get in there. I think it is important that you are ready for the first game.”

On his impressions of DL Danny Shelton:

“Big body. He is a good player. He is doing a real good job. He has a really good attitude. If you see him he is eager to finish plays and chase after and in a jovial sense of playing football, which is a good thing to have. It is definitely a very good attitude.”

On if he has a sense of how good Shelton could be:

“The sky is the limit. I think he is doing well for a rookie and as players play more and get a season under their belt and face different guys and get a better understanding of the defense. (Then) they can become more and more problematic for an offense.”

On how good of a test was it to go against Buffalo’s DL Marcell Dareus:

“I think the Bills’ entire defense was definitely a good challenge. They have a really good, solid front. I think it was good for us to go against a large array of really good players on their (defensive) line.”

On where the Bills defensive front ranks among the league:

“They are up there. I would have to actually sit down and study all the defensive fronts to figure out which one I wanted to rank them at. They are up there. They have talented people, but there are talented people on every front. Very rarely, if ever, do you have an easy day. There is always really good guys on every defense.”

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