Terrelle Pryor Likely Playing; Make Team?

Terrelle Pryor has returned to practice for the Cleveland Browns and is likely playing Saturday. What are the odds he makes the team?

Terrelle Pryor is the wildcard for this Cleveland Browns' team, at least for fans of the team.

He is big, he is fast on a Depth Chart full of small, quick recievers. (At least that is the narrative even though Dwayne Bowe and Brian Hartline have decent to good size.)

Yet, the QB turned WR has struggled to get on the field to show that he has done enough in his transition to his new position. His hamstring issue has been frustrating for fans and the team alike. As Pryor discusses in the above video, it also limits his time with his son, since he has to stay around the facility to get treatment.

While many fans may scoff at those statements, Pryor shows his human side and the reality of the difficulties of being a professional athlete. Like anything, there are costs and benefits to every decision. As a professional athlete, Pryor, like many players, don't live with their families full time. With Pryor still not certain to make the team it seems he hasn't moved his son near him, if he has the option.

Today we heard from Pryor that he is hoping to play but that trainer Joe Sheehan has the final decision. Mike Pettine had already noted that Pryor was likely to play in Saturday's all important Pre-season Game 3 if he practiced Wednesday and Thursday. Since he practiced, it looks like the Browns will get a look at what Pryor can do in a "real game." 

What does it mean for Pryor's ability to make the Browns team?

Pettine noted today that the Browns have reasonable expectations for the former Buckeye:

“We know he’s a project,” Pettine said. “We want him to continue to get better.” Pettine admitted that the decision to keep him on the roster will come down to their projection of his continual development. “It is a projection and we have less information to make that projection on.”

For Pryor, those have to be considered good words. Many expected that Pettine would not keep Pryor unless he was one of the Top 5 or 6 receivers. Today's statements make it clear that his upside could help him make the team. The question is whether, in practice and Pre-season, he is able to show enough base of skills to give Pettine and GM Ray Farmer and understanding of what his upside really is.

Joe Haden described Pryor as looking like Calvin Johnson. If Pryor can show any signs that he can play the position, his physical traits should give him a leg up on the competition.

On an ESPN Radio spot I said I would bet the hosts house that Pryor makes the team if he plays in Game 3 of the Pre-season. I'd still hold to that bet but the certainty in which I spoke is now laced with a bit of caution.

Do you think Terrelle Pryor makes the Browns roster?

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