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Browns Inside Scoop: What We Are Hearing

As the Cleveland Browns, and the rest of the NFL, start to cut/waive players, our insider LA has our Subscribers covered with everything we are hearing.

Wonder what goes on behind close doors with the Cleveland Browns? Wonder what the process is like live as decisions are made for the team? Want to know information first?

We have the best thing for you via our insider LA and the Fast Lane. For subscribers only, you can see all the great up to the minute information from inside the team about moves being made, thoughts about players etc.

So far this morning:

- Broke the Shane Wynn cut/waive
- Insight into Terrelle Pryor's fate
- 3 players on the bubble
- Battle for 1 spot at two different spots on the defensive line
- Is Michael Bowie safe?
- How/Whose injuries are making decisions tough?
Fred Jackson?
E.J. Bibbs!
Pierre Thomas?
- RB thoughts

So if you want to stay up to date, click the link below and stay up to date all year long via our Fast Lane. Today is just a sample, a great sample, of what you can expect.

Fast Lane 8-31-15

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