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From ATI: Why Bowe? Why Moore? When Manziel?

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RED RIGHT: Who are the people responsible for evaluating and then signing Bowe? What did they see? Surely they knew he was on the wrong side of 30. I’m glad he got his payday, but why us?

FRED GREETHAM: History with Ray Farmer while he was assistant GM in KC

LANE ADKINS: Long story short, there are a couple posts here with the ‘WHY’ on Bowe when it went down.

Now we’ll see if this is the guy that excited them in OTAs or a guy almost done.

Let’s just say, some vets in the place Bowe was in camp (injury) are being readied for only one thing – the regular season. The goal was getting him healthy for week-one.

Now we’ll see what he has left.

BROWNSRTHEBEST04: Lane, Pettine is constantly referring to how they have a specific plan and that Johnny is on track. Is there really a plan? And barring injury does the plan have Johnny playing this year?

LANEADKINS: The intrigue many have in Johnny Manziel brings this type of question the forefront occasionally.

The honest answer is: The Browns would not have an issue if Manziel stays the course, works hard and continues on his path of improvement and does not see the playing field in the 2015 season.

Barring injury to McCown, Manziel may not see the field unless in mop-up type situations. There will not be a quick trigger on McCown… and the signing of Austin Davis is one which this organization simply cannot believe fell into their laps.

FLADAWG1: Lane, from what you know about the Browns, how knowledgeable and experienced are the scouts for this club?

LANE ADKINS: The entire personnel department is quite large and there are some very, very good guys working within this department that really know what they are doing and are thorough. I have had the opportunity to speak to members of this department, I know a couple pf these people from times past and believe in what this department is attempting to accomplish – it takes time to change a culture, gain continuity and structure.

MANGELS: Lane, do you get the feeling that, had Davis been available as an FA in the offseason, Farmer might have preferred him over the 36-year old QB they signed? To see this answer, click here…

ANIMALEYZ: Does Tabor seem to have an unusual amount of influence for a ST coach? It seems he gets the guys he wants every time, even if that’s really the only place they contribute. To see this answer, click here…

PLAYGROUNDLEGEND89: Does Marlon more have a flash drive full of incriminating evidence on someone in the front office or something? How is he still on this team? I can think of 4 people at least who are better returners. I can think of WRS not even on this team anymore that are better WRS

That brings us to special teams gunner, are we really giving him a roster spot solely for that? I mean, we have plenty of athletes, I’m sure someone else can play gunner just as well if not better. Why do they like him so much, who is his big supporter? To see this answer click here…

SHOOKDAWG: What’s going on with Josh Lenz? Did we even try to sign him to the practice squad? As I understand it, we are not capped in what we can offer to pay practice squad members. Why not offer him $ he won’t get somewhere else? He’s learned the system and seems to thrive in it. While I understand why he did not make the top 53, it seems to me that he’d be a very valuable guy to have on the practice squad when the inevitable injury bug strikes our WRs? Where is Lenz trying to sign? With our group of WRs, isn’t Cleveland his best opportunity to play? To see this answer, click here…

EARTHDICE: I may have missed it but what is the current status of Mingo and is he good to go against the Jets? To see this answer, click here…

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