With Johnny Manziel playing QB for the Browns today, this is a blog that will offer analysis and insight on his play.

With Johnny Manziel back under center for the Browns, this blog served as a throw-by-throw, play-by-play guide to his game against the Jets.

Johnny Manziel started 2-2 with 67 yards and 1 TD, after a concussion sidelined Josh McCown. This is the throw-by-throw and play-by-play guide for everything after.

1. 1st and 10— Manziel with an incomplete pass to Hawkins on a slant. Threw it sidearmed, but Hawkins wasn’t looking. Not a bad toss. 

2. 3rd and 10— Manziel with a completion to Brian Hartline for a first down. Rolling right, Manziel tosses it to Hartline, who makes a fantastic snag just before the ball hits the ground. 

3. 1st and 10— Manziel finds Benjamin on a swing pass for a first down. The two seem to be making a connection. 

4. 2nd and GL— Johnny feels the pressure, rolls left and finds a wide-open Hawkins in the end zone. Unfortunately, Hawkins was out of bounds and it moves to third down with the incompletion. Johnny probably should have his second touchdown pass of the day, but the throw was a little long. 

5. 3rd and GL— Manziel steps up in the pocket and picks up four yards, but the Browns are forced to kick the FG. Johnny wasn't happy with his throw to Hawkins, which was a sure TD.

STATS AT THE HALF: 4-6, 93 yards, 1 TD. 2 rushes, 9 yards.

6. 1st and 10— Manziel seemed to get the shotgun snap weirdly, but still fired a completion to Gabriel. Not a great throw, but it was good enough.

7. 1st and 10— Manziel with a quick throw to the right to Dray for two. Recognized the blitz and Dray bobbled the ball, but it was a completion nonetheless.

8. 3rd and 8— Manziel finds Hartline on a nice curl route. Had time, stepped up and delivered a throw for the first down. 

9. 2 and 14— Manziel steps up and runs for a gain of seven. Quick to pull, but he had room. 

10. 3rd and 7— Manziel telegraphs a throw to Hartline that's intercepted. A bad throw and bad decision at a bad time. Not what the Browns needed on that possession. 

11. 1st and 10— Manziel slipped on the play action fake, but still managed to find Crowell for a nice gain. Looked to be aware of his surroundings and made a nice play out of a potential disaster. 

12. 3rd and 3— Manziel goes through his progressions, stands in the pocket and delivers a pass to Gary Barnidge, who drops it. Other than the result, it was a decent pass from Manziel. Maybe a little behind Barnidge, but certainly catchable.

13. 2nd and 5— Manziel steps up in the pocket, but doesn't see anything he likes. Scrambles to the right and eventually flips the ball out of bounds with his left hand.

14. 3rd and 5— Jets bring the blitz, but Manziel weathers the storm and delivers a nice first-down throw to Andrew Hawkins. Needed some zip on that one and he delivered. 

15. 1st and 10— Manziel delivers a hitch to Taylor Gabriel, who can't hold on to it. Not a bad throw, but maybe a tad late. Gabriel was demolished. 

16. 3rd and 19— Manziel tries to step up in the pocket and run, but he's hammered and fumbles. Offensive lineman got in the way, but Johnny needed to hold onto the ball. Browns turn it over in their own territory again. 

17. 1st and 10— Manziel had nice protection and delivered a great pass to Benjamin for 20 yards 

18. 1st and 10— Manziel with another nice throw to Crowell. A check down, but a good throw nonetheless. 

19. 2nd and 5— Manziel with a nice scramble for a first down. Looks really good this drive. Tempo is up as well. 

20. 1st and 10— Manziel tried to take advantage of one-on-one coverage for Brian Hartline, but the pass falls incomplete.

21. 2nd and 10— Manziel didn't see the linebacker coming from the backside and lost the football again. That's two fumbles today. Not necessarily his fault, but has to work on ball security.

22. 1st and 10— Manziel was looking for Hartline over the middle, but missed him. Might've been a miscommunication  there.

23. 2nd and 10— Manziel delivers a strike on a slant to Gabriel. He stayed poised in the pocket and made a nice throw. 

24. 3rd and 2— Much like the throw before it, but this one was not nearly as effective. It was wide of Gabriel and fell to the turf. 

25. 4th and 2— Manziel stays in the pocket and throws a strike to Barnidge for a first down over the middle. A great throw.

26. 1st and 10— Manziel scrambles for four after looking to make a throw. Nice job of moving around in the pocket.

27. 2nd and 6— Manziel sacked, having no time to throw. 

28. 3rd and 13— Manziel handled the blitz and found Hawkins streaking over the middle. Good awareness of pressure there and made a good decision in a big situation.

29. 4th and 2— Manziel made a good throw for a first down... which was then dropped by Gabriel. A decent decision and good throw, but it was dropped.

FINAL STATS: 13-24, 182 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. 5 rushes, 35 yards, 2 fumbles.

Final Thoughts:

For not having played in a live football game in about three weeks, Manziel looked better than many thought he would. Remember, he wasn't supposed to play in this game at all and, instead, played for the large majority of the Browns opener. He showed much better pocket presence and seemed to have much better awareness than a year ago, but the turnovers he made today were costly. If he can continue to make the throws and go through his progressions, while eliminating the turnovers, maybe Manziel can be serviceable for the Browns this season. 

This was undoubtedly his best game as a professional and could be a step in the right direction.

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