Cleveland Browns: 21 Positives in a 21 Point Loss

The narrative following the Cleveland Browns' loss to the New York Jets is understandably negative but should it be completely negative? Here are 21 positive notes looking at the best case for the Browns loss to the Jets.

It is Tuesday after a loss. We have heard and seen all the negatives from the Browns loss to the Jets. So, to try to address the growing negative narrative, here are 21 positive points from the loss. We hope this helps you move forward toward Week 2 and the game against the Titans.

  1. The Browns defense stopped the New York Jets on their first three possessions, giving up a total of 96 yards through more than a quarter.
  2. In their first possession the Browns drove 90 yards on 17 plays taking 10 minutes off the clock.
  3. On their second possession, the Browns put together a 5 play, 55 yard drive for a score. Two scoring opportunities in two possessions.
  4. Tashaun Gipson picked up where he left off with an INT in the 2nd quarter. (Yes he had the ball stripped.)
  5. Two fluke like plays, McCown's fumble and Gipson being stripped, cost the Browns between 10-14 points early.
  6. The Browns controlled time of possession, even with 5 turnovers, 31:40 to 28:20.
  7. The Browns passed for more yards than the Jets.
  8. Total yardage was very close, 333-321, in favor of the Jets.
  9. Eight Browns receivers had receptions, adhering to their plan in the passing game.
  10. The first possession, led by Josh McCown, was perfectly run with receivers open all over the field.
  11. Johnny Manziel played better than any time last year. (He still didn't play great.)
  12. Danny Shelton forced the Jets to double team him in the 2nd half.
  13. Karlos Dansby looks to have young legs still, with two tackles for loss.
  14. The offensive line can't look worse than they did against a stout Jets Front 7.
  15. Joe Haden can't look worse or less motivated.
  16. Andy Lee showed that powerful leg that changes the field with a 60.5 yard punt average.
  17. Manziel's lone INT was a slight accuracy issue, instead of the terrible ones from last season.
  18. Duke Johnson showed signs that he can be the lead back in only 7 carries.
  19. Andrew HawkinsTaylor Gabriel (against Darrelle Revis no less) and Travis Benjamin each got separation against an improved Jets secondary.
  20. To a man, including newcomer Tramon Williams, are not happy and should respond aggressively as leaders.
  21. It is only Week 1, we have 15 more games to right the wrongs and make it a great season.

We have heard the negatives, so asking you for the positives: What positives did you see from this game?

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