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Fast Lane: On Josh McCown and Johnny Manziel

What are the Cleveland Browns thinking, and telling our Lane Adkins, about Josh McCown and Johnny Manziel? What we are hearing:

On Josh McCown's concussion - 
— “He (Josh McCown) is in the league concussion protocol and until he is cleared, he is limited as to what he can do physically. He was in the meetings and says he feels fine, so we’ll let the process play out.”
On what losing McCown for any period of time means to the offense - 
— “Josh (McCown) is our starter and you could gain a sense of what he brings to the table with that opening drive in NY. He made plays in the pocket, waited on plays to develop and bought time with his athleticism and experience. If he can’t go, we’ll have Manziel and (Austin) Davis ready to go, we’re confident they can step in and play.”
On whether McCown will play Sunday - 
— “Our stance as it is for any injured player is when they are ready to play, they’ll play. Sometimes lending to the side of caution is the best for the long-run, as it stands today, McCown is sidelined and (Johnny) Manziel will be prepped to start against Tennessee.”
On the thoughts behind Johnny Manziel's season-opening performance - 
— “He did some things very well and he struggled at times. What you can’t have are the turnovers - two fumbles, an interception, it’s those types of things that you can work on and clean-up. He (Manziel) wasn’t overwhelmed out there, he made reads, those were better earlier in the game, as it (game) progressed, the Jets came after him more, he was taking his eyes off his potential targets, pulling the ball down looking to make plays with his feet or on the move. He has to stay patient in the pocket and let the play develop, trust the plan and his ability.”
On what changes will be made to the game-plan with Manziel under center - 
— “Some of how we approach the game-plan will certainly take on a different look due to the differences between the QBs, but there are things Manziel does well or is capable of that can provide us some looks we may not normally see or utilize. (John DeFilippo - OC ) will have a plan in place and we believe Manziel will play within himself.”

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