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The Ask The Insiders forum for OBR subscribers allows our readers to interact with Browns insiders Lane Adkins and Fred Greetham

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Every day, OBR subscribers pour into the Ask the Insiders forum looking for answers to their Browns questions. Lane Adkins and Fred Greetham are there to give the straight answers. Here are some recent highlights, and links to more.

NETDAWG: Insiders,

Just due to the large commitment the FO made to Dwayne Bowe, how long before this lingering issue with his passion for the game and tickey tack injury impacting his game becomes the 800lb elephant in the room with Haslam? The lack of a big body receiver on this squad is so glaring and $9m to a guy who's inactive has to scream BIG MISS does it not?

LANE ADKINS: The longer Bowe doesn't play or produce, the probability of issue rises -- to this point it hasn't been a concern, but a lack of productivity and mounting losses changes the landscape.

CRAIGSIRNA: I just can't think that the FO is willing top go into the rest of the season with these WRs. Any chance they try to sign Duron Carter off the Colts practice squad? When will they cut ties with Rob Housler and put E.J. Bibbs in the active roster?

LANE ADKINS: They won't make a move unless something jumps out at them and this isn't just a WR thing. The word is Carter isn't ready, needs much more refining and teams not willing to take a spot on the 53 for him right now. Not quite yet on Housler -- depends on other roster moves.

LUDDEN007: Prior to his ill-advised goal line run, Josh McCown took a pretty nasty hit earlier in the game. Isn't it possible he actually got the concussion on the first hit and that affected his judgement?   

I'm finding it hard to believe he was thinking he could actually make that TD run without getting clobbered.

LANE ADKINS: He's been reckless since he's gotten here, but the claim remains it occurred on the goal-line hit.

TEDDY BROWN: Joe Haden Seems more and more just another player. Surprising we don't play more zone. Or maybe Pettine is digging himself a grave. To see this answer, click here...

DAWGDC: Has the new collective bargaining agreement made teams weaker, with only one-a-days for training camp and the length of time training camp being shorten OR do we just suck to holy hell? To see this answer, click here... 

THISISOURCONCERNDUDE: How [is] ol' bonesawbloodbathsawbonebathblood? Injury update on Scott Solomon? To see this answer, click here...

PLAYGROUNDLEGEND89:  Xavier Cooper was great this preseason. I know we are deep at DE.. but he's so string and he's got that burst you would've thought he would make the rotation. I was surprised to see him deactivated. We got 0 pressure on Mr. HARVARD. To see this answer, click here...

LINUS74: Can you share anything regarding our 2nd round pick Nate Orchard? His injury seemed to come out of nowhere and he's yet to return to practice in any fashion. Back injuries are nothing to shrug off and the longer this lingers, the more concerned I get. Please tell me everything is okay and I'm just being paranoid. To see this answer, click here...

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