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Dogsqb13- I know Pett likes to make the young guys earn their time but I'd really like to see Nate Orchard, Xavier Cooper, and Emmanuel Bibbs  see the field this week.

To help with the pass rush and lend some athleticism to the TE position. Jim Dray and Rob Housler looked like stiffs trying to make a play on the ball.

Lane- The trade-off along the defensive line will be an interesting one this week. The Tennessee is going to run the ball and look to get the ball out of the pocket quickly -- Cooper and Orchard could be beneficial in the pressure aspect, but will not be a positive against the run just yet.

I am of the belief Bibbs can add an athleticism aspect and the staff wants him to gain some seasoning, but if becomes an issue where they aren't getting looks in the passing game from the receiving TE role, then Bibbs becomes more likely -- not sure if week-two is the time.

Tochigi- We talked a lot about how good our D would finally be with the strengthened DL and now ability to do post grad level D schemes.

Our D faltered badly beginning with that TD drive near the end of the first half with Jets. You documented some of the issues. 1. Our much ballyhooed DB corp was outplayed, and 2, we still had great trouble vs the run in the second half, especially not shutting of the edges.

I am leaning to the opinion that DC ONeil is more of a liability than asset. His grad level scheme should be replaced with solid, 101 level D. Just play your lane and make the tackle

What is the talk around the league about him?

Lane-When the defense is drawn up, players are responsible for gaps, responsibilities, fills, etc. On the board it works when those players in question are fulfilling their responsibilities.

One week in, it was ugly at times and I witnessed numerous blown responsibilities.

Let's see how they regroup on week two before lynching O'Neil

Jeffman- Let me take on another sacred cow... Joe Thomas. The last 2 seasons, I have noticed some chinks in the armor of our all-pro LT. Is he slowing down and just getting by on his reputation? I'm not saying he's Paul McQuistan, just wondering your thoughts on him.

Lane- Thomas remains one of the best in the game. One thing to remember than many people miss or overlook -- the QB in this offense, now and in the past tend to not be in position as to the play, creating additional issue for linemen. I'm not saying Thomas is perfect, but he continues to play at a high caliber.

Eisman- Lane, you responded to a previous question about Justin Gilbert with:

"The young man has some attention and maturity issues and I have not heard of anything else significant, other than what has been reported by media."

How is this different than Terrance West or is it only because of draft position that we have him still on the roster? If that is the case, why do they think the light will go on for Gilbert? I hope it does for his sake.

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Browns49- Matt Blanchard. Is he just insurance to cover any possible future QB injuries, or do the Browns consider him a legitimate prospect?  Gotta say, he's got the resume and size.

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