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Report: Cleveland Browns Wish to Part with Dwayne Bowe

Last week Dwayne Bowe was reported to be inactive around this time last week. That ended up being true. This week, from a different reporter, comes the report that the Cleveland Browns want to part ways with him.

The Dwayne Bowe story with the Cleveland Browns might not be long. The veteran the team brought in to be their #1 receiver played very little in preseason, was inactive in Week 1 and now comes this report from Jason La Canforna of CBS Sports:

With the Browns in rebuilding mode and needing to develop young prospects, particularly at the receiver position, injured veteran Dwayne Bowe has become a divisive figure of sorts among different segments of the organization, sources said.

Some on the Browns' coaching staff would prefer to move on from him, sources said, but with $9 million guaranteed in salary the next two years, that might not happen quickly.

Not an overly shocking report based on the production, or lack thereof, from Bowe so far. Head Coach Mike Pettine has made it clear that draft position would not impact playing time. The team didn't have any high priced free agents struggling but this report lends that contract also would not grant a player playing time.

To be fair, La Canforna has a recent history of negative posts related to the Browns, including this one where he attacks owner Jimmy Haslam's running of the team. He has seemed to take the side of former Browns employees, specifically Kyle Shanahan. He also notes that the Browns are in rebuilding mode even though the team has stated nothing of the sort and their moves have mostly been win now oriented (McCown, Bowe, Hartline, Shelton, etc).

Later in the article he seems to paint Bowe as another divisive factor between the coaching staff and the front office:

Bowe has ties to general manager Ray Farmer, who is currently serving a four-game NFL suspension from their time in Kansas City. And Farmer is the one who has control over the roster.

So the Browns coaches are likely stuck with him for a while. 

While it may be true that the coaches would be okay with moving on from Bowe and the front office would like to see it play out a bit longer, it doesn't seem like a big divide. Nothing JLC notes says that Bowe is a negative factor in the locker room or causing problems for the team. More likely, as he notes, the coaches like what the receivers playing have shown while the front office hopes Bowe can produce to earn his contract.

Would it be shocking if the Browns cut Dwayne Bowe? Not after everything else we have seen from this team. However, expect him to get healthy and in shape before any decision is made. It may mean he is inactive again today but we will have to wait and see.

Do you put any stock into this report by La Canforna? Does it mean anything?

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