Johnny Manziel: Throw-By-Throw Week 2 vs.Titans

A throw-by-throw analysis of Johnny Manziel's first start of the 2015 season against the Tennessee Titans.

Johnny Manziel: Throw-By-Throw against the Tennessee Titans

First Half: 

2nd and 8: First throw of the game, Johnny Manziel finds Travis Benajmin for a 60-yard touchdown on a beautiful deep throw. Stayed in the pocket after a play-action fake. What a way to start the game. 

1st and 10: Manziel stays in the pocket, despite being rushed heavily, and unloads a nice pass to Benjamin on a 5-yard out. A nice job of staying in the pocket with the pressure in his face.

3rd and 1: Manziel stays in the pocket from the shotgun, but has enough time to roll right and find Andrew Hawkins for a first down. A great throw on the run and a nice job of seemingly going through his progression.

1st and 10: Manziel finds Gary Barnidge on a one-step out route that turns into a big gain for a first down. A nice decision and throw, all-be-it an easy one.

1st and 10: Manziel rolls right, can't find an open target and takes off for two yards. This time, he slides and avoids a big hit.

3rd and 7: Manziel delivers a strike to Brian Hartline, who was heavily covered, but it was a well-placed throw frmo the pocket. Not much you can do there.

1st and 10: Manziel finds Gabriel on a screen pass, but there wasn't much ground to be gained. He did throw nice block, but much to say. 

2nd and 13: On a play-action fake, Manziel looks deep to a double-covered Hawkins. Not a bad decision, but not a great one either. A decent throw drops to the turf, but if it was intercepted, it would've been a good punt.

3rd and 13: Manziel left the pocket a little early and rushed a throw to Hartline on the sidelines that goes well out of bounds. Probably should've stayed in the pocket and tried to look through more progressions, but felt some pressure on his blindside.

1st and 10: Manziel with another quick screen pass to Hawkins. Not much to analyze, but he got the ball out quickly and accurately, which is definitely important. 

4th and inches: Manziel sneaks, but is short of the first down. He is small, after all. Not ideal for the QB sneak. 

2nd and 6: Manziel rolls out on a play-action fake to the right, but is hurried. Still delivers a throw using a sidearmed delivery, but Malcolm Johnson can't handle it as the ball falls to the ground.

3rd and 6: Manziel drops back and is pressured again, but stays in the pocket and delivers the throw quickly. Turns out to be a bad throw and another incompletion. Manziel has struggled on the last couple of throws.

FIRST HALF ANALYSIS: Johnny's start was as good as anyone could have imagined, but since he completed his first four passes, Manziel is just 2-7 for 6 yards. None of the throws have been horrendous, but he hasn't been in much of a rhythm since the first quarter. He has done a good job of staying in the pocket and going through his progressions, which is more than we've seen since he's played for the Browns. This is, again, the best he's played with the Browns, but the second half is still to come. 

Second Half: 

3rd and 11: Johnny stays in the pocket looks through his progressions, moves up in the pocket and delivers a first-down throw to Andrew Hawkins. Threw it off his back foot and awkwardly, but it was in the right spot and had some mustard to it. 

3rd and 7: Manziel was under heavy pressure, rolled right and out of the pocket beofre delivering the ball out of bounds. A good decision to throw it away.

2nd and 10: Manziel coming off a play action fake makes a bad throw to Dwayne Bowe. Stayed in the pocket and delivers the ball, but it was a little out in front. 

3rd and 10: Manziel sacked, after looking through his reads and getting pressured. He fumbled, but the Browns recover. Again, Johnny looks a bit out of sorts. Unlike the first half

3rd and 5: Manziel pressured in the pocket and, with little time to throw, goes down again. Ball poppped out, but the Browns recovered. Browns aren't putting Manziel in good spots, and he's certainly not delivering at this point. 

3rd and 6: Johnny rolls left and brings back Johnny Football with a spin, before throwing another HUGE TD pass to Travis Benjamin across the field to ice the game. What a moment, what a throw, what a play by Manziel. His finest moment as a professional thus far. 

FINAL ANALYSIS: Johnny Manziel's day was bookmarked by two phenomenal touchdown throws to Travis Benjamin, but sandwiched between the two bombs was a good amount of inconsistency. Towards the beginning, Manziel was in rhythm, making good decisions and solid throws, but as the Titans collapsed the pocket, the quarterback was much less effective. Though the Browns recovered both of Manziel's fumbles, he still had issues holding onto the ball, which will seemingly continue to be a problem as the season goes forward. As I said last week, this was Johnny's best effort as a professional football player, which only means that he's continuing to make strides. Sure, he probably needs to be better in the pocket, but he was lethal when moving outside of said pocket, which is more than you can say about any of his other starts. If Josh McCown is healthy next week, the Browns may have a tough decision on their hands, as Manziel is only taking steps forward.

FINAL STATS: 8-15, 172 yards, 2 TD. 133.9 QB Rating. 

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