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Our team of insiders answer your questions about the Browns following the win over the Titans.

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Jasarz21: What is the point of teams only being able to have 46 players active on game days? And can you see that being something they do away with in the coming years? Just don't see much of a point to it.

Lane: I liked them having the stash squad, when it came about. But, as time has passed, I don't really see why the active roster cannot be 'active' on game-day, there is little to no reason for having an inactive list.

Yogi8: Do you think Dwayne Bowe has a chance to become a factor if he can stay on the field in practice and get some reps with either McCown or JFF?

Lane: He has the size and experience to be a legitimate option -- the issue has been getting him on the field. As it stands, the Browns are in a show-me state with him, they seek that production and threat.

Gilewicz: Obviously our run defense has been less than stellar.  Is it mainly an issue of containment and sealing the edge?  Whose fault is that (name names if you can)?  I don't think I saw much success between the tackles yesterday but it's hard to track while sitting/standing in the stadium.  So how about a review of #71?  Is he living up to expectations (which are pretty high)?

Lane: To a degree he's doing his job, but there is much more he can and will likely do in the weeks to come.

Presently, he is taking up space, effectively at times -- BUT, he is playing too high, his pad level is high, he isn't gaining leverage and getting moved off the spot -- at times too easily. Danny Shelton is a fighter and this should improve in time.

He's such a big-body that commands attention that his presence does slow the interior run, but until he gets his pad level down -- his motor is high, his activity has minimized big play opportunities.

The biggest issue remains the edge containment, some of this is DE based, more so OLB based -- the OLBs tend to crash the edge, get caught inside, slow DB fill only spotlights the issue. This is where Scott Solomon was good, he sealed/played the edge well - Barkevious Mingo has displayed some solid technique, but can be engulfed in traffic, while Paul Kruger consistently leaves the edge exposed.

CaliMTNDawg: Best QB Rating Since '07 - Biggest Halftime lead since 1994, You can't go back to Josh McCown, can you?

It was far from a perfect game by Johnny but there's a reason those stats have held for 8 years and 21 years around here (hint: It’s the QBs).  If Johnny has flashed enough to unseat those figures then I think it would be preposterous to sit him for a journeyman McCown.

Lane: They are looking at the entire picture, 60 minutes of football and not solely… Read the rest of Lane’s answer here. (Premium subscription required.)

Animaleyz: Hidden in the excitement of this win, looks to be a troubling trend on the offensive line. The lack of push generated, and the way they have been getting pushed around, especially Mack to this point. Is there reason for legit concern, or is this part of growing into a new offense again?

Lane: The Browns are being pushed around up-front. Teams are loading up, being very physical/aggressive and out-fighting them to this point. As was the case in the Jets game a week ago… Read the rest of Lane’s answer here. (Premium subscription required.)

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