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skbrownsfan: 1. The coaches said the gameplan/playcalling stayed the same after Johnny Manziel went into game one even though the gameplan was built with Josh McCown starting. Did the playcalling look similar yesterday considering Manziel prepared all week long or were there different wrinkles thrown in because of Manziel? 

2. Were the Browns actually expecting McCown to be cleared or was that just chatter during the week to force the Titans to spend some time preparing for both QB's.

3. I know it's just a passing camera shot, but every time I saw Xavier Cooper on the bench yesterday he seemed to be off sitting by himself. I know it's tough when not playing, but seemed like he was not interested in what was going on. Any word on how he has reacted to being inactive first 2 weeks?

4. Every week I see/hear about what Josh Gordon will add to the offense when he comes back next year... I'm not so sure that's going to happen. Do the coaches/FO even want him back? Or is it a deal with it if he's ever reinstated by the league sort of issue.

Lane Adkins: 1. The game-plan was very similar, some additives for Manziel, but the how and when of plays called certainly were a bit different due to Manziel's inexperience.

2. They believed he was going to be cleared last week.

3. Haven't heard anything negative.

4. The guys I speak with only say we'll see what happens -- many feel he burned them again

glousterbrown: 1) Is the coach worried about the run defense at all (160 again today)?  They seem to get out of position a lot, also miss quite a few tackles that allow big gainers.

2) Did the get conservative in the 2nd half on purpose? Seemed as if we a lot of third and longs.

3) last but not least (and I know this sucks to be asked), is [head coach Mike Pettine] worried about a QB controversy with the crowd shouting Johnny? (He played better, but still a ways to go IMO)


Lane: 1. The issue on the edge remains a problem, as it continues to occur, the HC has to be concerned.

2. They started getting into trouble there in the first half, as the Titans became increasingly aggressive up-front, the Browns struggled more often and the execution waned.

3. Not that I am aware of

UnknownLegend16: I was at the game and only got one look at it, but on the pass thrown to Dwayne Bowe it really looked like he didn't put a whole lot of effort into going to get it? Whats the deal with this guy? for 8 MIL a year go get the damn ball.

Lane: He doesn't display the hunger, the drive that many in that WR room does.

syaz111: Our OL strength is the left side (Joe Thomas, Joel Bitonio, Alex Mack) but it seemed like the majority of our big runs were to the right side, which also happened to be away from where the defenders were aligned. I guess my question is the following...

1) Are we better at moving to space to establish blocks than we are at making holes? If so, why? 

2) Is the right side of the line better than the left at run blocking? 

3) Saw a lot of Cameron Erving as an extra OL (who happened to be eligible to catch passes). What prompted the change? Do we expect to see more of this? Is this the beginning of the end for Rob Housler (or a different TE?)

Lane: The right-side, the strong-side has been better in run-blocking, and less in pass-blocking. The Browns, when successful running the ball has tasted this success between the tackles.

Plenty of the run issue comes from the defense loading the box, the linemen not getting to the point or the RBs not having the patience/vision to let the play develop - or hitting wrong hole.

Erving did the same in week-one and we'll continue to see this. Just gives them a numbers advantage or equalizer with teams sending more than the 'regular' offensive set can account for.

gilewicz: Obviously our run defense has been less than stellar.  Is it mainly an issue of containment and sealing the edge?  Whose fault is that (name names if you can)?  I don't think I saw much success between the tackles yesterday but it's hard to track while sitting/standing in the stadium.  So how about a review of #71?  Is he living up to expectations (which are pretty high)?

Lane: To a degree he's doing his job, but there is much more he can and will likely do in the weeks to come. Read the rest of Lane’s answer here (Premium subscription required).

fisherman: Watching his best plays both in college and now in the last 2 weeks in the NFL, does Johnny fit the offensive scheme of this staff?

His big plays were him improvising and not sent in the sidelines.

He seems excellent rolling out and throwing intermediate to long passes, reminds me of the Raiders of old.

Our staff seems to like the dink and dunk passing attack which I think ISNT his strength at this time.

I think the staff doesn't play to his strengths.

Lane: I believe Manziel fits into the offensive scheme that Flip runs and wants to run here in Cleveland. Read the rest of Lane’s answer here (Premium subscription required).

iupuiguy82: 1) Do you see Flip bringing [Travis Benjamin] in on earlier downs as more of a deep threat to help pull the coverage off the other WR/TE?

2) I won't say TB is a legit deep threat yet, but will this force opposing LB's to stay a bit deeper in their sets? Which should help the OL play better in the run/pass game.

Lane: As the passing game evolves and those at the WR position rep, Benjamin's speed, quickness and solid route running will make him a very viable threat. Read the rest of Lane’s answer here (Premium subscription required).

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