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OBR Insider Lane Adkins Has Key Quotes to Note on the Browns' Perspective on Johnny Manziel

Orange and Brown Report's Cleveland Browns insider Lane Adkins has quotes worth noting about the organization's feelings regarding quarterback Johnny Manziel.

On the play of quarterback Johnny Manziel:

“For the most part he played well. He had a handful of looks that he could have done a little more with - patience, but he played within himself and showed that capability, that characteristic he has — to make some happen due to his escapability and ability to keep his eyes downfield. You can’t take anything away from him, he’s come a long way and continues to improve.”

On whether Manziel has earned the right to start against the Oakland Raiders:

“He (Manziel) came in and executed the game-plan against Tennessee, which is what we expected he would do. It’s what he did when the play or read wasn’t there on a few occasions. The second TD pass to Travis Benjamin was all Johnny and Travis, he (Johnny) escaped pressure, Travis saw the QB and changed the route and another good throw got us in the end-zone. Those are the type of plays that Johnny has displayed the ability of making in college and now he is out there, having fun, has an understanding of what he’s seeing and doing what he does, he has to stay with the plan, keep working, learning and gaining the consistency we believe he needs — guys in this locker room have gained a respect for him (Manziel), they’ve seen the hard-work he’s put in, but Josh McCown is the starter for this team right now, but being in the concussion protocol system, he is in limbo, we expect that to change on Wednesday. As of today, we could go with either guy and believe we can win.”

On how the meetings have gone and the specifics thoughts on the quarterbacks - in regards to the starting quarterback spot:

“The meetings/discussions have been positive, which is something we weren’t sure was going to be the case. Johnny (Manziel) stepped into a tough situation in New York and played reasonably well, all things considered. He hadn’t gotten significant reps for a few weeks, though he stayed mentally prepared, walking into and facing that tough Jets defense wasn’t easy for him. In that game, he made some very good reads, and some not so good. His awareness improved greatly against Tennessee, his pre-snap work was much better and he managed the pocket better.”

“You take what you get on the practice field and in film and hope it carries over to the playing field. We just didn’t know how much of this Manziel was going to carry forward, especially being thrust into the pressure right away in NY. We’re pleased with where he’s at, he’s getting better by the day and that’s a credit not only to himself, but Flip (OC John DeFilippo) QB coach Kevin O’Connell and Josh McCown — the QB room is very informative and supportive, we’ve learned Johnny will engage and is quite engaging.”

“We have a comfort level in each of the QBs to go out and work the plan. Where we are is, McCown is an experienced veteran, he’s seen most everything there is to see, he has displayed the ability to play at a high level in an offensive system somewhat similar to what Flip is doing here and he’s been very good all spring and summer. That opening drive against the Jets, up until the fumble was exactly what we expected to see with him and this offense — it’s the consistency and knowledge that separates him from the others in the room.”

“The decision ultimately comes down to the factors McCown possesses and whether riding the momentum of Johnny on the field for another week and seeing what happens next. We are not a team that is looking to the future, we are playing for now, we believe we are going to be competitive and a team that has playoff aspirations. The decision which guy to start is a joint effort that has been tough to work to a conclusion.”

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