Travis Benjamin weighs in on Browns QB's

He's caught three touchdown passes from Johnny Manziel this season, but Travis Benjamin said he's prepared for Josh McCown to start on Sunday against Oakland.

BEREA— The Browns most dangerous touchdown target two weeks into the season has voiced his opinion on the team’s quarterback conversation. 

Travis Benjamin, who caught a pair of touchdowns from Johnny Manziel last week in addition to Manziel's first-ever NFL touchdown pass in week one against the New York Jets, doesn’t seem to mind that Josh McCown was named the Browns' starter for Sunday. 

In fact, he doesn’t seem to care at all who is behind center in Cleveland. 

“I can say the ball is the ball and the play is the play, it doesn’t matter who is your quarterback,” Benjamin said. “Knowing the ball is getting distributed to the receivers and going downfield like it has been, I don’t find no problem in it.”

Though Benjamin has established himself as a deep threat for the Browns potentially in need of a quarterback with a big arm, he’s confident that McCown can provide whatever passes are necessary.

“Josh has an arm also,” Benjamin said. “They’re just two different players.”

He may not be concerned with who starts for the Browns, but it’s not because he lacks confidence in either player. 

Rather, he’s confident in both guys, making it easier for him to trust the Browns quarterback on any given Sunday, no matter who that quarterback may be. 

“Josh coming back, the pro that he is, the way that he runs things, it’s no slacking Johnny,” Benjamin said. “Johnny has come here ready to ball each and every day. It’s just that Josh is what we got to go with going into week three.”

In addition to his confidence in the players, Benjamin is confident in his coaches and the reasons for which they felt that Josh McCown will take FirstEnergy field against the Raiders.

“It’s just how the game goes,” Benjamin said. “Coach Pettine and Coach DeFilippo felt like it was best for us to go with Josh going into week three to face Oakland and that’s what we gotta go with.”

Though he didn’t seem to be too opinionated in regards to the quarterback situation in Berea, he did make one thing very clear about this week's starter.

“Versus Oakland,” Benjamin said, “Josh is going to have to come and bring his A-game.” 

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