State of the Browns: Changes Next Year?

With Cleveland Browns fans feeling disappointed, our OBR staff came together to give our thoughts on the State of the Browns. We finish our series by looking at whether we think there will be big changes going in to next season.

Finally, what do you think about Mike Pettine and Ray Farmer’s future with the Browns? Do they deserve more time? Have you lost confidence?

Jared - I’m not sure Farmer survives the season. While he has done great with low level free agency (Andrew Hawkins), later draft picks and undrafted free agents to build a foundation, he hasn’t hit any home runs. His big free agent acquisitions, besides Karlos Dansby, have all either struggled (Dwayne Bowe, Donte Whitner this year) or have just failed to make a big impact (Brian Hartline). Similar when you look at Manziel, Justin Gilbert, Terrance West and Nate Orchard so far. Flash/impact players do not seem in his wheelhouse. Pettine seems to have the most power, outside of Jimmy Haslam and Alec Scheiner, in the organization. I think he gets another year or two, with “his” GM, to get things right. I think all GMs and HC deserve at least 3 full seasons unless they bomb, which neither Farmer or Pettine have in my opinion. 

Barry - If Pettine can keep the train from going off the rails in 2015, I’m for giving him another year. Ray Farmer, however, is on thin ice unless Dwayne Bowe and Johnny Manziel prove the doubters wrong.

Lane - I need to see more -- such as what transpires in the 2015 season to see how each navigates through what is likely to be a tough and troubling season going forward. I’m one which believes the lack of continuity has been a significant issue for the Cleveland Browns and lean toward exhausting the options before sending another regime packing, which again leads to monumental change.

Andrea - Give them one more year. But something tells me they won’t get it.

  • Barry - I think Haslam truly wants stability… he’s heard the criticism about firing Chudzinski and Banner/Lombardi after brief trials. If Pettine and Farmer give him excuses to keep them, they might be spared.
                 Andrea - A big key, I think, is not to focus on the W-L record given the far more difficult schedule and look for signs of progress. The problem, though, is all the regression.

Rick - Farmer’s theory that anyone can be a wide receiver in this league should ultimately be his downfall. This team lacks playmakers. Even if they had Josh Gordon on the field, they lack someone opposite him. While I’d like to see Pettine survive, I am starting to question that line of thought. The defense- which is supposed to be his specialty, is still AWFUL stopping the run. He has players that have been to the Pro-Bowl on that side of the ball. He has high draft picks and free agent pick-ups. There is no excuse for what the defense does this season.

Fred - I think unless things continue to go south, Haslam will give them another year. However, that can change quickly in the world of the NFL. The Browns need stability and I think they will eventually figure it out, but it’s a matter of how patient will the owner be.

Hayden- Jimmy Haslam said that everyone is safe. I couldn’t disagree with him more. Pettine might survive, but Farmer certainly won’t if things continue to trend in this direction. The problem is, however, that Farmer is Haslam’s puppet and Pettine is not. That leads me to believe that both are on their way out of town when this 4-12 football team finishes the season. Whether he knows it or not, Haslam is a man of instant gratification and with the way the Pettine and Farmer tenure has started, it will be coming to an end more quickly than he tends to believe.

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