A former Pittsburgh Steeler gives his take on the upcoming battle between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns

What makes the NFL Network of Sunday's upcoming battle between the Ravens and Browns. Watch and find out.

One of the great tragedies of the Browns 15 years of post-expansion struggle is the replacement of the great Browns-Steelers rivalry. Nowadays, in Pittsburgh, is the noxious Ravens who earn the enmity and scorn of Steeler fans, while the Browns fade into the background due to their inability to beat the team bearing those idiotic hankies. 

That becomes even more apparent when watching this NFL Now clip of Ike Taylor talking about the match-up between Baltimore and Cleveland. Which name can he barely choke out of his throat? None other than Baltimore. 

But now the Ravens and Browns are looking mutually sub-par, as the teams are 1-3 as they clash in Maryland this weekend. 

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