From ATI: Lane Answers Questions About Browns Defenders' Playing Time, Front Office Issues, More

Orange and Browns' Cleveland Browns Insider Lane Adkins answers reader questions in the latest installment of Ask The Insiders. Head to the Ask The Insiders forum to add your own questions for Lane and Fred Greetham to answer.

Browns49: Lane, when answering a question about Jim Brown's negative comment on the FO, you said he wasn't talking about Haslam.  

1.  Can we assume that Jim Brown says this because he and Haslam are friends?

2. There are 16 individuals listed in the FO on the Browns website. Should we assume that Brown was speaking of Farmer and/or Scheiner?

3. As President, does Scheiner oversee, approve of, recommend or create the player's contracts?

4. Is Scheiner turning out to be another Banner?

5.  Why did Scheiner leave Dallas?

Lane Adkins: 1. Can assume

2. Combination of folks

3. Gradually has gotten more involved in all aspects -- he and/or his peeps.

4. Not that far, yet

5. Promotion and opportunity

BrownsFAN1521: Why doesn't Armonty Bryant play more?  He stops the run and gets to the QB.  Am I missing something?

Lane: His run-defense is improving, it shows up when he penetrates into a run play -- and there are times he takes himself out of the run as well. This staff is so infatuated with 'their' rotations and 'scheme' that I believe they overthink the obvious at times.

nudawg: So far after 5 games Brian Hartline has only caught 9 passes, a pace that will get him fewer receptions than even last year. Despite the occasional circus catch more was expected. What has his problem been? Can't he get open?

Lane: He isn't getting targeted as often as some expected, he doesn't get clean as quickly as a couple other receivers in this offense.

teddybrown: After this long and we still can't slow the run down. Do you believe this is on the coaching or lack of talent on the def. line and linebackers?

Lane: All the above -- we see the same fundamental issues, such as LBs not getting to the point or shedding blocks, getting to gap late or incorrect gap, OLBs getting moved off the point, poor support -- it's like a bad comedy that keeps getting worse. Also, the Ravens physically came at them and the Browns simply didn't match the physicality and execution.

tochigi: I had always thought Pettine demanded his players earn their playing time. Thus we saw K'Waun Williams make the team last year as did Isaiah Crowell. Also Pierre Desir is playing ahead of Justin Gilbert. So it comes as a surprise to hear the accusations that he is stubbornly sticking with vets even though they are missing assignments, making mental errors and so on. The implication is the younger, hungry guys would do better. Any truth to this? If so, which vets are getting too much benefit of the doubt? Which younger ones should get more playing time?

Lane: Pettine plays young players, maybe not a specific player or so that people want to see, but he is playing guys. I do believe he gives vets a bit of a longer rope, especially those that have shown the ability to play at a reasonably high level -- being said, they are closely looking at everybody and where they see deficiency, first to help player correct, if unsuccessful, then potential replacement.

jimkanicki: Lane can you confirm that the Farmer/Scheiner film study sessions were not appreciated by the football side of the house? And that that is an example of and typical of the 'toxic' environment in Berea referenced in your piece?

Lane: It raised eyebrows, put the thought in the back of some minds as to what was going on. There are too many voices, too many people that work for upper management with an interest in things other than their immediate responsibility.

tochigi: I'm curious about Paul Kruger. Definitely seems like he is not the force he was last year. Yes, I know they are using him in coverage more etc.  In the Baltimore game it seems he whiffed on two sacks. Now today I see his number of snaps is way down.Is this because they see him as a liability against the run? or because overall, physically he is not where he used to be?

Lane: Good question that we cannot get a down to the truth completely honest answer. Kruger does not play the run well, is a liability in drops -- he does one thing well, that is pressure the pocket -- I didn't say sacks, but pressure. Granted, they are struggling and fishing, but at some point you have to use/utilize players in what is their attribute until you have the talent in place to play the entire scheme, etc.

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