What The OBR has been told regarding Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel

What is the Browns front office thinking concerning QB Johnny Manziel after his latest off-field incident?

In the days, weeks and months since leaving an addiction treatment and rehab center, QB Johnny Manziel had been a ‘solid’ citizen and teammate within the Browns locker room.

How quickly things can change.

By now, you have heard the story.

One week ago Manziel was involved in a domestic issue with his girlfriend Colleen Crowley while driving on Interstate 90 toward his home in Avon, Ohio. According to reports to the Avon Police Department, Manziel was driving at a high rate of speed, dangerously crossing lanes of traffic and driving on the berm before exiting the highway.

According to Crowley, Manziel hit her multiple times, pushed her head into the window of the vehicle and restrained her, all while driving the vehicle down the highway. Manuel denied the claims and later at the scene, Crowley stated Manziel did not harm her.

Manziel admitted to having a ‘couple drinks’ earlier in the day to police at approximately 6:15 p.m., while the player did not display any characteristic of impairment, Crowley was described as being ‘not in the best shape’.

It is not known whether Manziel is in the NFL’s substance abuse program for his stay in the rehab facility, for which he gained 10 weeks of counseling for an undisclosed issue.

The Browns were made aware of the situation on Monday when the incident occurred and as of late in the week were collecting facts. Following the incident, the Browns discussed the situation with Manziel, which did not lead them to believe according to the facts collected prior to the Browns game against the Denver Broncos on Sunday that Manziel violated a team rule. Manuel was not charged with a violation at the scene of the incident.

The Cleveland Browns and National Football League continue to investigate the incident.

In speaking to a confidant on the grounds of anonymity, Crowley had allegedly become aggressive and combative toward Manziel while riding in the vehicle, which was believed to be due to disagreement the two had earlier in the day and Manziel did allegedly restrain and have a brief physical confrontation with Crowley as he was driving, which directly led to his reported erratic driving in exiting the highway.

According to the confidant, the Cleveland Browns have not made a determination on whether Manziel will be subject to team discipline until the investigation is concluded — but, the organization is disappointed that such an incident has come to light due to the personal and professional growth Manziel had displayed since his time in the treatment center.

When speaking on media reports that Manziel should be suspended or released due to this latest incident, the confidant acknowledges the Browns were at the end of the rope with Manziel prior to his rehab, but he (Manziel) has been very solid, good and such a move would be irresponsible for anyone, much less them as an organization without knowing all the facts as they are and determining an appropriate course of action.

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