Welcome Browns Fans

Bernie Kosar welcomes Browns fans to BerniesInsiders, and explains how Browns Insiders and the fans of BrownsTNG.com will work together to bring you an exciting new type of Cleveland Browns football coverage.

Welcome Browns fans.

I am proud to announce the launch of Bernie's Insiders.  I wanted to use this
opportunity not only to welcome you but also to explain how this website will
work.  This website will have two layers of information, breaking news and
commentary for your enjoyment.

The first layer will be brought to you by the fans of BrownsTNG-The Next
Generation.  BrownsTNG is the leading independent website for the Cleveland
Browns.  It is run by a group of Browns fanatics who have tirelessly given
their time over the years to provide a forum where Browns fans can interact,
speak their mind, and have fun getting more information about the best
professional football team in the world.

The fan writers who contribute editorial content to the BrownsTNG part of the
site are volunteers.  In fact, they all have day jobs.  Somehow, though, they
find time during their hectic days to research the Browns and post some very
compelling and timely commentary that cannot be found anywhere else, in print
or on the Internet.  

Be careful. Emotions will run high here.  By the way, this layer will be free.

The second layer will be The Insiders.  These are people "in the know" who
will provide a level of information that only people on the inside can
provide.  In addition to my insights, other contributors here will be Mike
McClain from the Warren Tribune Chronicle, John Taylor from NFL Talk and Real
Team, our all-knowing insiders "Ladimus Morpheus" and "The Owl", and possibly some
other interesting characters with deep insights on the Browns.  If you want
inside stories on the Browns, want to know what went right or wrong during
the last game, who is really playing well or news that nobody else is talking
about, then you will not want to miss this section.

Good information is not free.  In order to bring you this kind of
information, The Insiders will require a premium pass.  While part of these
proceeds will go to operate this website, some proceeds will also go to my
charitable foundation, the Bernie Kosar Charitable Trust whose main mission
is to serve children in Northeast Ohio and throughout the country.

So make sure you sign up to get all the hard hitting information on your
favorite team, the Cleveland Browns.

Bernie Kosar

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