Are Mike Pettine,Jim O'Neil and Ray Farmer on the Hot Seat for the Cleveland Browns Dismal D?

Could the Browns' dismal defensive performance cost someone their job this off-season? The lastest Ask The Insiders is here with questions straight out of our premium forum.

Our subscribers have questions and The OBR staff has answers. These questions were taken from our premium forum Ask the Insiders.


Cadecolin: I see Farmer having more issues keeping his job than Pett.  If the losses continue to mount, and Farmers players cannot find the field, do you see Haslam replacing Farmer at seasons end?  Bill Kusarich?  To me, I see the personnel moves BK made in Farmers absence as an indicator that he is on the same page with Pett.  More so than Farmer is.  What do you guys think?

The OBR Lane: While not hearing anything specific on Farmer, we do know the ORG as a whole was pleased with the manner which the organization functioned and the relationship between Pettine and Bill K.


SharkDawg: Is there any part of this defense that is truly salvageable?  For example, might these players talents be better used in some other scheme?

Edit to clarify: Upon re-reading it might look like I mean for this season, I meant salvageable more along the lines of players that could be core pieces going into next season.

The OBR Fred: I feel they have some good players. They need to find ways to make the sum of the parts work together to be successful. In the front 7, I think Armonty Bryant, Kirksey, Shelton, Hughes, Orchard & Cooper can be key pieces. I think besides Haden & Gipson, they can build with Gaines, K Williams, Desir, Campbell & Ekpre-Olomu moving forward.


Dogsqb13: If the Browns finish 32nd in the league vs the run again this year, is Pettine's job in jeopardy? I don't think a team has ever finished dead last 2 years in a row. He was deemed a defensive mind coming in here, however the defense has continued to regress.

The OBR Lane: I don't specifically know if finishing 32 against the run will be THE determining factor of jeopardy. It is safe to say at this point the next 11 weeks are crucial, for the organization as well as the coach and staff.

But, I tend to believe if the defense does not show considerable improvement, we are going to see some heads butting regarding the DC.


BrownsFan120: Mitchell Schwartz seems to be getting praise lately. What have you seen on the field from him? Do you anticipate us signing him long term or will he leave in FA?

The OBR Lane: Many cast him as a weakness along the offensive line and at times he does get beat - speed-rushers had been his demon.

Being said, Schwartz while not flashy gets it done week in and week out, he's a workmanlike player - He is better than the majority of RTs in this game.

As the Browns drag their feet in getting their own inked prior to hitting the open market, the likelihood of getting to FA increases and there will be a market for him.


Tochigi: I am a little surprised at Coons lack of distance on kickoffs. I didn't notice this in the pre -season, but once the season started it seemed he gradually started losing distance.

I have also noticed a few flubbed kick offs. I applaud his accuracy. (He has not missed one PAT or one FG this whole season), but am wondering about distance.

Also, I thought he was kept over the other guy, because Coons had the stronger leg.

Is there any inside discussion on this as to why he is having these troubles? Slight injury?

The OBR Rick: It could be a little bit of a tired leg, certainly. Coons was booming kick-offs out of the end zone all preseason, and has done so several times during the regular season. Honestly, I was surprised to find that Coons ranks 31st in the league in touch-back percentage at a hair under 40%. In fact, in his last three games he averages just 15% touch-backs. Maybe as the season has worn on he is having a few issues. Would be a good question to ask Tabor or Pettine.

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