OBR Radio: Should Cleveland Browns Fans be Angry after their performance against St. Louis?

With the Browns struggling (again), are fans right to turn their ire on amiable post-game chats by Browns players and non-contributors like Dwyane Bowe?

If you follow me on Twitter,  you might have seen that there was something about seeing Browns players happily chatting with Rams players on the field following the team's loss to the St. Louis Rams that set me off. And I wasn't alone

After the game, I turned to Lane Adkins and Fred Greetham for answers, asking if Browns fans should be upset that the team doesn't appear visibly to care a lot about their poor performance. 

With the team at 2-5 and another bad season in progress, can anyone blame Browns fans for being upset and fed up with the team's lack of progress in their 16th year since returning as an expansion team? 

Here's our discussion about it in the latest "radio video". 

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