The NFL Network weighs in regarding whether the Cleveland Browns have a chance against the Arizona Cardinals

Here's a realistic evaluation of the Browns chances versus Arizona, courtesy of the NFL Network.

As is their wont, the crew took a look forward to the week's games ahead, including the Cleveland Browns vs. the Arizona Cardinals. 

Handled are some of the eternal questions surrounding this Browns team (SPOILERS BELOW):

1. Is the Browns defense ready to match up against the NFL's best offense?

2. Do the Browns have a way to handle Chris Johnson, he of the 5.1 yard-per-carry average so far in 2015? 

3. Has the Browns defense lived up to expectations?

4. Do the Browns have any real hope at all to win this game?

We encourage you to watch the complete video, but have included spoilers below. Don't scroll down unless you want the video spoiled!







(Don't look below unless you want the video spoiled)



(We're not kidding)



(Do you open holiday packages early and then re-seal them? Are you one of those? You're not, are you?)



(OK, here are your answers)


1. Nope

2. LOL

3. Uh, no. Do you have some sort of brain malfunction?

4. Seriously. What is wrong with you?

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