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Ask the Insiders: Is the Running Back by Committee Approach Right for the Cleveland Browns?

Another round of excellent questions asked by our subscribers and answered by our team of insiders from the premium forums.

Grover71: It seems like teams that split carries between more than 2 RB's tend to have pretty ineffective running games. Is there any chance the team just decides to go with a Turbin/Duke or Crow/Duke backfield and if they did which combo do you think would be most effective?

LA: I am of the belief as it stands they have backs aligned to personnel groups/situations and are working toward / hoping that a RB emerges in the run game -- they are comfortable with Johnson coming out of the backfield.


Eisman: Given the disappointing run offense and run defense of our beloved Browns, is one or the other more dominant in practice?

LA: I have been told the execution of the offense has been slightly better -- there has not been a dominant group.


PlaygroundLegend89: If you could do it all over again, would you have fired Chud? For some reason I think that if it was just Banner that was fired, and we kept Norv and Chud that we would be a lot better off today.

I feel like Chud would’ve found his way. If you don’t remember, our roster was more inconsistent (albeit we had more playmakers) when he was here, and we were in almost EVERY game, it came down to the last seconds and we just blew it at the end of games, whereas now we are just being outplayed all together.

That offense and defense were also a lot more exciting to watch. They were ATTACK oriented, high flying and crazy blitzing. I think we just had conditioning issues. Your thoughts?

McBride: We disagree on Chud. I never would have hired him in the first place unless I simply couldn't find anyone else. He never, to me, displayed an ability to consistently keep an offense at the top of their game, although they would sometimes flash (e.g., Browns in 2007 collapsing in 2008).

LA: Chud was not a HC in any sense -- good guy, really had his heart into this HC job in CLE, but he simply wasn't ready.


Msmouse05: McCown injury, Manziel’s shot? I know Pettine wants to play McCown as he sees him currently as the best option to win games right now, if Manziel has to go on Sunday with McCown out, can a good performance win him the job. Or would Pettine go back to a healthy McCown regardless of how he plays?

Greetham: Personally, I think he will go with McCown this Sunday. If he does sit out, he will play next week unless Manziel plays so well they can't ignore him.

LA: McCown has shown considerable improvement since Monday and threw the ball Thursday 'decently' according to our team confidant.


Tochigi: Promoting from within? I know it’s early, and I hope I am wrong, but I am pretty sure that JH will decide trying to hang on with Pettine has far more negatives than any positives we may gain by continuity of keeping him.

Art Modell fired Sam Rutigliano after 8 games and after repeatedly saying he would not fire him in mid-season. He was replaced from within by Marty S. who turned out to be an outstanding HC.

Anybody on Browns current staff even slightly resembling HC material?

Greetham: I can see Flip as a head coach. He's the only one that stands out to me right now. Pettine interviewed the tight end coach Angelicho for the OC job.

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