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Quotes to Note: On the Cleveland Browns Trading Joe Thomas, Playing Duke Johnson and More

What we've been told about trading veteran Joe Thomas, Duke Johnson's playing time and more.

Quotes to Note:

— On the Browns looking to trade All-Pro offensive lineman Joe Thomas

“We have not actively been in what we'd call a discussion to trade Joe Thomas, nor have we sought a trade partner. If we were looking to trade him (Thomas), it wouldn’t be difficult to complete a trade due to his high-level of play at a premium position in this game. Sure, we have had some inquiry, one team specifically looking, but there has not been what we would call a negotiation process, we have relayed what we believe he (Thomas) is worth and it's alot.”

— On QB Josh McCown’s health coming out of the game vs Arizona

“He’s (McCown) is legitimately a tough-guy, he has taken one hell of beating over the past few weeks and won’t relent. He has severely bruised ribs, sternum, a sore shoulder, a sore jaw and didn’t want to come out of that game when he did. While he said he was alright, you could see he was affected by the pounding.”

— On whether removing McCown would have been the correct move during the game

“You have to listen to what the player tells you, you also have to see it for yourself — how is he playing, is he limited, could he hurt himself and the team. It’s not difficult to see Arizona was coming after him, more so in knowing we couldn’t run the ball — yes, I believe the injury did hamper him, which lessened the potential for us with him on the field.”

— On the disappearance of RB Duke Johnson from the playing field in the second half

“Coaches decision, ask him”

— On Johnson being an important and explosive quality within the Browns offense, void of playmakers

“The young man (Johnson) is a play-maker in this offense. He has the ability and proven to get out of the backfield and make plays, keep the chains moving and he’ll only get better. Those types of guys can change the complexion of a game on any given play, what more can I say.”

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