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Ask the Insiders: Trade Deadline Questions and What's Going on in the Front Office

In this edition of Ask the Insiders, Lane tackles questions from our subscribers about the trade deadline, front office roles and more. To make sure you don't miss out on anything, subscribe to the The OBR today.

SupDawg4Life: I just saw a comment from Mack, and maybe I am reading to much into but I was curious...

That clause, Mack wrote, “was included for a good reason: I’m not leaving my teammates, coaches and Browns fans while there is work this season to be finished.” seems pretty common for a player to mention being there for their teammates and even for the fans but adding the coaches made me wonder, Are the players starting to see the tension and disconnect between the coaching staff and the front office?  Is this tension starting to effect the players?

LA: Alex Mack is a guy that wanted the ability to control what he could in the decision making process when he had the ability to be a FA, to select his destination when the opportunity presented itself. The losing and continuous change in Cleveland only has helped push the player into that type of thought process.

Mack doesn't play for the FO and the FO is part of the reason why the player positioned himself the way he did.


HeyGuster: Do you have an idea of the type of relationship Ray Farmer has with the Owner (or even Alec Scheiner)?  Is it a trusting one that isolates Pettine and the coaches/players?  I feel like there's a lot of issues that fall at the feet of Ray and it definitely seems like Ray spends more time working on the end of the roster than he does evaluating the real issues.

LA: Farmer and Haslam get along well, can't say on he and Alec. There is no isolation, Pettine can get to Haslam just like Farmer can, they report to him. Farmer supplies players, he talks with Pettine about the players, it's Pettine's move on how they are utilized.

Many want to quickly point at Farmer and say the talent sucks.....interestingly, three of the four first round selections all had first round grades -- Manziel was all over the board, some teams had him in the 3rd or not on their board.


Glousterbrown: Lane you said we would probably see Duke split out more (I paraphrased). Does that mean when he is on the right rotation? Or does it mean that since he is in the game they might expand his role?

LA: Due to the injury issues at WR -- Hartline will not play, Hawkins still not cleared, Bowe as stationary as the Terminal Tower, they need his ability.


Gary Reents: So, Pettine reports directly to Haslam, not Farmer. Farmer reports directly to Haslam. Does Alec also report directly to Haslam?

Another question if you will. I believe some expected Bowe to be released when Farmer got off suspension. He wasn't. He also isn't playing except in clean up duty. That sure seems like a disconnect. Almost like Pettine doesn't want him and Farmer refuses to release him. Is that true?

LA: They each report to Haslam -- though suit Alec S and his squad are laying in the weeds watching everything.. .Bowe is Farmer's guy, not Pettine's.


Grover71: It seems to me that what this will all come down to is Jimmy deciding whether or not Farmer has done a bad job at securing talent or Mike Pettine has done a bad job at utilizing the talent that has been brought in. I guess the third option would be both.

If he decides to make a move it seems that MP will not survive either way. Either he goes and Farmer stays to pick his own HC or Farmer goes and the new GM will want to pick their own HC. Is this about right?

LA: Sounds about right to me and nothing would surprise me with this double-talking organization.


Artimusprime: I remember a while back there was a post about the Browns putting a major focus on profitability. I’m curious if this has continued and is part of the problem, from your perspective.

LA: The Cleveland Browns are a business first for Haslam and he runs it as such.


Pnies20: How close are they to trading Joe? Did the Broncos offer a 1st and are pretty unwilling to go any higher or are they still negotiating? Is it true the Browns wanted a 1st and Shaq Barrett?

LA: I was told they have had a team serious about Thomas and the Browns relayed how valuable he is to the org and it would take multiple picks and/or players for the consideration to become a discussion/negotiation.

I did not hear that specific trade a couple months back when the trade noise started.


Studawg: With all this trade talk from Alec Schiener, where is Farmer?  What input does Pettine have?

LA: The Alec S stuff is exaggerated a bit and Farmer is in the building. Pettine......nearly none on decisions of this nature.

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