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ATI: Scheiner, Manziel, Davis & More

Putting together the most important recent questions from the Ask The Insiders Forum. Questions about Alec Scheiner, Johnny Manziel, Austin Davis and more.


Lane, You are stating Schiener is learning and is the right hand man of the owner. 

Isn't it possible that Schiener knows a little bit more about football than he is given credit for.


Not according to 'football' guys. He's noted as being a smart guy, very intelligent, but is not a football man.

Browns the Best

Lane, I usually am quick to call for a firing because I want results however.....1st time coach, 1st time OC, 1st time DC, 1st time GM, 1st time "President", 1st time Owner....a lot of first timers on that list. In my opinion at the end of the year everyone needs to take a step back evaluate whats working/not working and get better. Do you agree that they all have made mistakes but they need to grow and stay the path?


Only if all the components are truly on the same page and working in the same direction.

Big Dayton Dave

Is there a "stat" of playing time or "snaps" taken per player that is available to the public?


I don't know what is public or what is not, I get a report that I use that is not permitted for public distribution 

-- Jared - PFF generally has them available but things are changing over their. Sites like Dawgs By Nature put out a report after every game currently.


The Browns are what they are a middle of the road team. I see a team that plays hard but has mental break downs and needs more discipline.

I see a team that took an undefeated Broncos to the brink and a team that was lading a very good Arizona team by 20. Bad teams don't do that. If the Browns win on Thursday they will be 3-6 and 2-0 in the division. 

I understand it's not great but it's where most thought they would be.


The continued losing, how they lose and the lack of the team communicating in a manner which provides an acceptable look/reason helps create the stir -- the negativity.

UK Dawg

Would you agree that for all concerned in the FO/coaches that if Mccown is out for a few weeks then it gives the team a chance to find out what Johnny has, but in doing so no-one has to 'give ground' or force the coaches to play him?  It is a change out of necessity and long term will probably help the team without any (possible) public fallout over it.


Absolutely, with the McCown injury, we will now see Johnny Manziel and find out what he can be -- as long as they don't jump back to McCown as soon as he can walk, sleep and breathe. Historically in football, some guys haven't been good practice players, but have an uncanny ability to play the game at a high level when the lights are on. 

Manziel has always been that guy to play well on the big stage -- with months of solid work behind him, he is more ready today than ever since landing in CLE, this is his opportunity.

Yet More Fubar

With the Bengals D looking for some payback after last year's Thursday night embarrassment and Johnnie's slight stature, there is a decent probability that Manziel will be injured at some point, even if only for a series. It seems wise to have a reliable and uninjured backup QB at the ready. 

With Josh McCown suffering such serious rib injury pain, will Austin Davis be designated as the backup quarterback against the Bengals?


McCown has already been declared out and Davis will be the No. 2 quarterback against the Bengals.

Dr Browns Fan

So hypothetical - what if Manziel played really well vs the bengals tomorrow and even shockingly the Browns won as a result - do you think that would result in the demise of pettine ? How could Haslam justify keeping Pettine if he was not smart enough or observant enough to to see this? How could he justify keeping Pettine after being 2 and 6 and not playing Manziel? I'm not suggesting this will happen but if it did wouldn't the owner have to question how the head coach and his staff not see after 8 weeks ? Wouldn't that suggest Pettine is not qualified to be a head coach / leader ?

Lane You'd be hard-pressed to find more than a handful of football types, true coaches, evaluators, etc that would say Josh McCown is the reason why the Browns have not been winning and that Johnny Manziel on the field would have been the difference between wins and losses. Since the Browns entered this season and have played through 8 games with the notion of winning NOW, the McCown choice despite his issues is deemed feasible -- I didn't say the right choice.

If this organization or this head coach was looking ahead, willing to take the lumps that were likely to come and develop Manziel on the playing field, against live bullets, then that is an entirely different scenario for the entire organization.

Now, we can look at Pettine's body of work, his handling of game management situations, questionable utilization of talent, etc and draw some interesting thoughts.

Simply put, reasons for Manziel being brought along slowly have been reasonable, but I am also of the impression that you need to see what you have in talent at some point -- unless that talent is poor in the daily functions that you have no desire to see them in a game setting -- that cannot be said about Manziel, he has done everything they have asked and more since his return in the off-season.

For the sake of the Cleveland Browns, the fans and himself, I hope Manziel lights it up and displays the promise some evaluated him as having.

Lzrd King

Come on WTF. Johnny is not now nor has he ever been a read option QB. He's actually really bad at, his rushing yardage comes from broken plays or delay QB draws but not the read option. So would you like to try again about how to tailor the Browns offense to JFF?


I just think his best asset right now is rolling out and throwing on the run or taking off. I think Flip will move the pocket to take advantage of those skills.


I remain of the position that the OC and HC have to let Manziel play his game, don't hand-cuff him from doing the things he naturally does on the playing field. The time spent working with him has helped him gain the knowledge, respect and responsibility of working in a structured offensive setting -- he will not be the loose cannon, scattershot QB we had the pleasure of watching late in the 2014 season.

It's his opportunity to shine, to show the extensive work he has done with O'Connell and Flip has enabled him to be the QB, the player he believes he is.

Dawg Bones 21

Will we finally get to see promising prospects Bibbs and Charles Gaines this week or next against PIT? I believe Gaines will help the secondary as a more physical corner and Bibbs the same on offense moving the stix on 3rd down.


Was a bit surprised they activated De'Ante Sanders over Gaines for this week's game. Pettine alluded to after the bye to start playing the younger guys.


I was told with the injuries in the secondary (safeties specifically) that Saunders being called up is a protective move.

Plenty of discussion on Gaines the past week and they still remain undecided on when he will be active.

As for Bibbs, they are leaning against having him active coming off the short week, but that hasn't been etched in stone.

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