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Ask The Insiders: Fallout For the Browns Loss to the Bengals

Our subscribers were fired up after the loss to the Bengals. Here are their questions and our insider Lane Adkin's responses. You can contribute questions too, sign up to be a subscriber today.

Nosferatu: We are 2 - 7.  How can Pettine not commit to Manziel?  I love McCown as a player but holy F&%#@@#!  What would the point of playing McCown be at this stage?  What is Pettine's problem with Manziel?

LA: All comes down to the HC not trusting Manziel, how he plays the game, how he sees the game / field, his relative impatience and tendency to move and of course the unprofessionalism he displayed in the early days -- each factors in the equation.


Dboots: Manziel is not the problem. After watching last night’s game...I thought in the first half Johnny missed some open receivers but played pretty well overall. At least there was progress. But is this not the softest group of players you have ever seen? I’m not talking not-talented...I’m talking completely unmotivated, lethargic, mentally weak.

LA: This team is unable to sustain for 60 minutes, I sense a pressing on the offensive side of the ball that I haven't been able to put a finger on.

As for Manziel, he missed or gave up on many reads, but also made some plays -- for a HC like Pettine, Manziel gets away from the script too quickly and he isn't comfortable with that.


Grover71: What happened to Duke and Crow in the second half (other than running the ball one time). It seems to me that if the defense plays to contain the QB and drops back in coverage the natural counter would be to run the ball.

What am I missing?

LA: I am at a loss today in attempting to figure out the thinking in the second half - I see no benefit in swaying from the run, especially when it was sufficient in balancing the first half.


Brownsrthebest04: Lane, Bowe looked a little heavy footed out there, but guess what? He looked like the best receiver we have on the team. Why hasn't he been utilized and this doesn't paint a pretty picture for Pettine does it?

LA: Bowe isn't in the best shape he could be, he hasn't been happy with his situation and has himself to blame, but I sense there is some issues within this staff in being too personal when it comes to making decisions on players and the utilization.


Aqib: Why does Pettine still have a job today? Given that guys Pettine hasn't been playing showed up last night, why not fire him and see how the players do without him to see how they are.

LA: I don't know if Haslam has some blind faith, displaying patience, not wanting to pay another set of coaches and FO personnel -- what I do know is, a different set of eyes, hands on this team may provide some differing results in player utilization and results.


Mikehey52: Has Haslam laid an ultimatum down or doesn’t he have back bone to do it?  Lions owner did fired gm and president she showed back bone let’s see if Haslam has back bone to do the same?

LA: I don't sense and haven't heard change is happening at this time -- maybe something shakes down after the GM meets with the owner, same with the HC and owner.

Pittsburgh is the game many believe it its going to happen, it'll be after that game, prior to the bye.


Msmouse05: Pettine was hired by a Lombardi/Banner run team, then Haslam removed them and promoted Farmer to GM. We've seen that a lot of the talent that Farmer has drafted or signed, is stuck on the bench. Seems to be it's going to come down to if Haslam thinks the issue is with the talent or just the coach not wanting to play that talent.

Considering Haslam promoted Farmer to the GM role, I'd imagine it's more likely he stays around, Pettine gets the boot, and Farmer can pick a coach he wants to run a team with the personnel he has put together.

Or we lose by 40 to the Steelers and Haslam fires everyone.

Who do you see as the one more likely to get the boot?

LA: I am of the impression the HC is on the hottest seat, but the GM has some heat due to the non-impact of play and players -- which is raising the question of whether the high draft picks can play -- the team owner to this point has been patient, but also believes those said draft selections should be on the field and does not believe the 'bust' label that gets thrown around.

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