Robert Turbin Cut; Questions Raised

The Cleveland Browns just announced that they have cut Robert Turbin as well as two other players. The move has raised more questions from fans.

When Terrelle Pryor made the Cleveland Browns roster, most fans were excited.

When Pryor was cut so the Browns could claim RB Robert Turbin, fans were not happy but seemed to understand. It has helped that Pryor has not been signed by a single team this far into the season.

The cutting of Turbin today, however, has raised questions by the fans. Some are obviously about Pryor. The amazing athlete from The Ohio State has tugged at the heart strings of many Browns fans. The hope of a big, athletic receiver and the Browns getting a Buckeye star still teases many.

Cutting Turbin, after waiting for him to get healthy seems premature. Turbin didn't play until October 18th, holding a roster spot for 5 weeks while not available.

He played in 3 straight weeks and was very decisive as a complimentary back. He had 10 carries in his first game back, for 27 yards. He ran for 30 yards on only 5 carries the next week. He got only 3 carries, for 3 yards, against the Arizona Cardinals before being benched this week.

Turbin does have a history of fumbling and bobbled a handoff from the QB, though he wasn't credited with a fumble. Ball security is a big deal for HC Mike Pettine.

Pettine said today that Glenn Winston would be activated and wanted to see what they have in him. That brings up another question: If they want to see what they have in Winston, why not the same thing for QB Johnny Manziel?

Questions galore:

Why cut him so quickly? Why keep him on the roster for 5 weeks when injured if not invested in him long term? Why do roster moves seem so inconsistent? If another offensive lineman was needed due to Joel Bitonio's ankle, why wasn't a special teams player cut? Is low risk, low reward type players that much more valuable than having a few high risk, high reward types?

In a vacuum, the Browns cutting Robert Turbin isn't too big of a deal. Added to the rest of the decisions that have happened this season and cutting Turbin has raised a bunch of questions.

What questions does cutting Robert Turbin raise for you?

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