Monté Gaddis meets with Browns GM Ray Farmer

A Cleveland-native and professional football player in Poland, Monté Gaddis has been waiting outside the Browns facility looking to earn a tryout with the team and was finally noticed on Wednesday by Browns General Manager, Ray Farmer.

BEREA— He’d waited in the driving rain, he’d braved the frigid cold and, soon enough, he was going to get his opportunity. 

Monté Gaddis, who’d been standing in front of the Browns’ facility in Berea looking for a tryout with his home-town team for days, knew that he was going to get some sort of chance, but wasn't aware that it would come so quickly. 

“I know my name has to be buzzing in the building, but nothing’s happened yet,” Gaddis said on Wednesday morning. “I believe in myself and God, so I think something’s going to happen soon.” 

Mere moments after Gaddis uttered those very words, Browns GM Ray Farmer emerged from the Browns building, shook Gaddis’ hand before walking and talking with the former Maryland walk-on and All-American at Towson.

Though the pair started the stroll on the street, Farmer soon took him into the building where they talked further. 

While the fruits of that conversation did not produce a tryout for Gaddis, he was asked by Farmer to hand over some film from his time as a professional football player in Poland. 

Farmer will see if Gaddis has what it takes to earn a tryout over the coming days, but Gaddis said that he believes in his abilities. 

“Yes, I believe so,” Gaddis said, when asked if he could play in the NFL. “It’s not only the skill set, but the mindset, also, the mental toughness. Just me being humble with the things I’m doing off the field.”

That mental toughness that Gaddis mentioned was part of a profile written by Zack Meisel of on Tuesday, amidst which the story of the young man was detailed.

That story, however, might be adding a new chapter, should Farmer likes what he sees on tape. 

Even if Farmer does like Gaddis enough to give him an opportunity, while he will be grateful, the former-Terrapin won’t necessarily be satisfied. 

“It would mean a lot to me,” Gaddis said, when asked how he would feel about a tryout with the Browns. “But to be honest, the one thing I really want to do is just be able to make the team, put on the helmet and just prove myself right that I belong there.”

There have been no official updates as to whether or not Gaddis has received a tryout with the Browns as of 5 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon. 

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