Rumor Central: Charlie Casserly says the Cleveland Browns should select a quarterback in 2016

It's November, so it's time to start prognosticating who the Cleveland Browns will take #1 in the draft...

You may ask yourself the following:

"Self, why is Rumor Central showing up on the OBR front page in November, instead of during March and April where it belongs?".

Well, the answer, you then tell yourself, is obvious to anyone with capability of reading the NFL standings on the internet or (geriatrics only) a newspaper. The Browns are 2-8 and sinking to the #32 slot in most power rankings. Or #36 if you include the four top college clubs. 

However you rank them, the Browns are bad, and fans are already looking forward to post-season changes which may involve every level of the organization other than owner. 

With the news that the Mike Pettine was forced Browns are going to start Johnny Manziel through the end of the season, comes some intrigue about whether the Browns would have to, after all, pick a quarterback with their inevitable high pick in the 2016 draft. What happens if Johnny lights it up through the end of the season?

Pish-posh on all that, says respected former Redskins head honcho Charlie Casserly, who says that the Browns should be looking at QB regardless. 

Check out the video above for Casserly's take. Do you agree? Follow the link below to give us your opinion!

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