Josh McCown said, again, that he'd accept the role as Johnny Manziel's backup

Before flying to Charlotte for the bye week, Josh McCown discussed Cleveland's move to Johnny Manziel as the team's starting quarterback and his acceptance of the backup role.

BEREA— Josh McCown rushed to his locker and grabbed his things before heading out the door.

Just when it seemed as if he would escape without a word to the media, reporters asked McCown for comment on the recent news that he would be benched in favor of Johnny Manziel. 

McCown, as he usually does, agreed to comment, though his thoughts were the same as they were when he addressed the media on Monday. 

“It’s the exact same words I told you,” McCown said. “Once that decision is made, I’ll serve the team as the backup quarterback and do everything I can to help Johnny do well and win the football game.”

Though he discussed the potential new role on Monday, McCown didn’t address his three-year contract situation with Cleveland and didn’t want to do so after the news came down.

“How many games we got left, six?… That’s all we need to be focused on,” McCown said, when asked about his three-year deal with the Browns. “All that stuff is so far down the road that it just doesn’t make any sense to talk about that.”

What McCown was looking forward to was a flight back to North Carolina to see his family and enjoy the rest of his bye week. 

“We get a little time off,” McCown said. “I’m looking forward to going home to Charlotte and seeing my family and hanging with them.”

When he made his way towards the exit after a Browns PR representative ended the interview, McCown hurried down the hallway, out the door and towards his mini-vacation. 

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