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Rumor Central: Peyton Manning Name-Dropped as a potential Cleveland Browns front office executive

Albert Breer of the NFL Network was on Cleveland radio yesterday talking about the potential future of the Cleveland Browns front office.

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For quite a while now, there have been reports (sometimes very detailed) on the dysfunction of the Cleveland Browns front office and their coaching staff. How much weight you put in those is up to you, but the product of the team's efforts is evident on the field, their 2-8 record, and their #32 position in most power rankings

In times like these, Cleveland Browns fans have often looked for a savior, such as Bill Parcells, Mike Holmgren, Strongsville resident Bill Cowher, or others. So, too, perhaps, does Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, as he ponders the team's next step without the helpful advice of homeless guys. 

In these dark hours, our eyes turn to (of all places) Denver, current home of one Peyton Manning, quarterback and insurance/pizza/automobile pitchman extraordinaire. Manning is nearly universally respected as a football mind, and will likely be in demand when he hangs up the cleats. Which should happen any time now, based on his performance on the field this season. 

Linking Manning's name to the Browns via the Cleveland airwaves is Albert Breer of the NFL Network, who appeared in local sportstalk radio yesterday to discuss how close Manning is to Jimmy Haslam. His answer: Very. 

Breer goes beyond saying that Manning and Haslam are friends, saying that their entire families are very close and the relationship with Haslam goes back to when he was 18-years-old. Breer says he can "see the logic in bringing in an overarching guy" on the football side, and that Manning would be on the list if Haslam goes that way, and guesses that Manning would be interested in a front office role right away. 

Here's a link to the interview, with the warning that you have to skip over the first five minutes or so to get to the Browns talk. Bill Polian and Tony Dungy are also mentioned as a possibilites as execs, but not as a General Manager. 

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