Josh McCown: "I support Johnny Manziel 100%"

Josh McCown said he feels for Johnny Manziel during this time and hoped that he's making the best decisions for his health off the field.

BEREA— Josh McCown looked as good as he had in weeks in the Browns locker room on Tuesday afternoon. 

There were no bags under his eyes, no bruises on his being and, most noticeably, no scowl on his face. 

The same can’t be said for McCown as he answered questions about Johnny Manziel being named Cleveland’s starter last Wednesday afternoon, before he left for his flight home to Charlotte seemingly flustered. 

“Leaving here the other day before the bye, I was a little chippy trying to get out of here, so I apologize for not giving good answers,” McCown said. “I think it just kind of adds up and I hate when somebody gets to see that out of you, because it shouldn’t be that way, but I think the time away was good.”

While the time away for McCown allowed him to coach his son’s basketball games and attend his daughter’s gymnastics meet, it also allowed his fellow quarterback, Johnny Manziel, to find himself as the star of another internet video in which he’s seen rapping and holding a bottle of champagne. 

Having seen the video, McCown didn’t want to comment too deeply, but said he still supports the quarterback in all of his endeavors. 

“It’s hard to comment on what a teammate does outside the building as long as he’s doing what he’s supposed to inside,” McCown said. “I’m behind the guy 100% and want nothing but the best for him.” 

Though McCown indicated that Manziel has done a great job in the building in Berea, he said too that there’s youth and inexperience involved in the decisions he’s made off the field. 

That’s to be expected from any young player, according to McCown, as he’s seen it from many others around the NFL. 

“With young guys, especially in this day and age – it’s not just Johnny – the access and the fact the things you might try to do in private and or public but maybe you’re trying to do them behind the scenes but it could get out there just because of social media and phones and things like that,” McCown said. “It makes it a lot tougher. It’s way different than when I came into the league.”

It may be tougher now than it was for McCown, but it also presents opportunities to learn through experience, which is precisely what McCown hopes Manziel is doing. 

“I hope guys take those situations and learn from it and grow through it,” McCown said. “You just hope whenever you go through something like that it can be something you look and it as ‘I have to improve from this and get better.”

Thus far, McCown feels that Manziel has learned and has improved, but, as evidenced by his recent actions, he still has ways to go in his development off the field.

It’s because of that room to grow that McCown continues to wonder what more he can do to help Manziel in his development, though he’s helped him so much already. 

“Just like i would do with any other close friends in my life, you just go, 'How can I serve them? How can I help them?,’” McCown said. “If you feel like you're doing that, then what other area or what other plan of attack can you take to do more if need be?”

There remains no answer to that question as of right now, but there’s also no doubt that McCown will continue to help his quarterback counterpart in the coming days, weeks and, maybe months. 

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