Ask the Cleveland Browns Insiders: Johnny Manziel, now what?

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Hamster: Is it possible? Seems like Pettine after demoting Johnny came right back with a soften stance on it.  Now we are reading how Hartline and others are saying he had a 'great' practice (including Pettine) and showing a good attitude.  Is it possible he gets the start after all?  Btw; how would a starter say a QB running the practice squad have a 'great' practice?

Fred Greetham: I was somewhat surprised by Pettine's answers today and leaving the door open for Manziel to play. If I were to be a betting man, I would think it might be as little as a "one game suspension". From his demeanor on Tuesday, I thought he was done with him as long as he was the coach. 

Lane Adkins: Have been told Pettine had time to reflect, cool off and take a more tempered approach to the situation, of course following continued discussions with the owner, pres and GM.


LzrdKng: I was reading where Pettine and Haslam knew this could be a rough year for Manziel after rehab and that they were prepared for something like this to happen. That they talked about this and knew that he could fall back into his old ways which is why they were so quickly on the same page yesterday. And makes more sense if Pettine was being honest in his presser today.

If true why wait so long and also does this mean that this wasn't as random as it appears?

Fred Greetham: I think they were hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. I don't think they envisioned Manziel doing this when he finally got his chance. Thomas and Hartline alluded to something more to the story today and made it sound that the players were on board with Pettine's decision.


Studawg: IIRC the Browns were high on Austin Davis that is why they picked him up. If the Browns were going to see what they had in Manzel why not use Austin Davis? Or is this another case of cutting off your nose to spite your face?

Fred Greetham: McCown said he really doesn't know how his ribs will respond until he gets hit. I've been told his ribs were cracked or broken, so with that said, Davis might play as soon as Monday night. The history of Browns quarterbacks show they usually use the whole roster, especially in the stretch of the final games. They do like Davis and I fully expect him to be in the hunt to be the starter next season, whether it's with McCown, Manziel or a draft pick.


Gunslinger19: So what now?

Will the front office stand behind Pettine on this Manziel benching?  Seems like from the anonymous front office source posts that they don't like Pettine much.  Will this be "we like Manziel better than Pettine" so the Coach gets fired?

Fred Greetham: Pettine said they were on board with him at his PC today. If Pettine is gone at the end of the season and Manziel survives, we will know what they really are up to.


Brownsfan1993: Any chance Browns change their minds? With how inconsistent this team is and the change in the hypocrite Pettine's tone, is there a chance Manziel plays on Monday. If his lying was only bad enough to suspend him a game, then is it really all that bad? The way they made it sound I thought he would be punished the rest of the year. It sounds like that won't be the case. So I ask again since it sounds like it might be 1 or 2 game punishment, could they just change their mind privately and play him on Monday? They could always come up with some BS reason for playing him.

Lane Adkins: No, he is definitely going to be the #3 QB for Monday unless there is an injury.


Browns49: Don't know what all this angst is about guys.  As I see it, isn't the handling of Manziel by Pettine correct because it is required to keep the locker room together?  If nothing is done or said, don't you end up with an entire team of Manziel types?

Lane Adkins: The organization handled the latest situation swiftly and I believe correctly.


5cota: How the hell do the Lions get Acorsi to come in and guide them, (great pick up in my opinion), to get their office in order, while were sitting here with our hands in our pockets?

I mean this is becoming beyond frustrating.

Lane Adkins: Because the Lions ORG asked for his help -- sometimes it only takes a phone call and leaving egos at the door.


N33d4Speed: There something more going on here?  Haden had problems with Pettine then he was pissed off at fans over Whitner, then he gets injured and sits out a game Pettine thought he would play, then he gets injured again and seems to just fall off the face of earth. 

He trying to push his way out or as he just written the season off?  Something just don't seem right to me.

Lane Adkins: I don't have enough information to comment with a true sense of being correct at this time.

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