Quick Thoughts On Sunday

Bernie fires off some quick thoughts on Sunday's opening game with the Seahawks.

Some Quick Thoughts from Bernie...

Special teams obviously play a huge role in the outcome of every game, the game yesterday was no different. Butch Davis and all the Jimmy Johnson disciples place a huge premium on special teams play. With Charlie Rogers' two returns - especially the kick-off return that led to the game winning field goal - you can bet Butch was disappointed in those plays and will focus on this aspect of the game in the upcoming week of practice. Improvement in these areas will happen...Butch will make it happen!

I am also guessing that Butch played the "what-if game" on punt returns with Dennis Northcut not being available yesterday. Tim had to start two drives deep in his own end, one at the 2 yard line and the other 15 yard line. It is tough to win when you are playing with your back up against the endzone like we did today... field position did not allow for more of a wide open attack.

Seattle did a masterful job of disguising their coverages and blitzes...especially impressive was the fact that this was done without their top three cornerbacks being available. The Browns pass protections were stretched yesterday with the sophisticated schemes being thrown at them...

The offensive line did a pretty good job of reacting and giving Tim some time to throw at times. The lack of a meaningful running game definitely hurt (and will continue to hurt) Bruce Arians' play action attack.

Anytime you hold an NFL offense to no touchdowns like the Browns defense did yesterday then obviously they played an outstanding game and put themselves in a position to have won.

One thing was constant on both sides of the ball -blitzing in key third down situations was met with a lot of success. Look for the same types of defensive schemes and disguises next week in Pittsburgh. Whoever solves the third down blitz riddle first will win.   


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