The.Raw.Feed has developed "The.Raw.Feed" to help Browns fans find the latest information about their team anywhere it appears on the Internet. Learn more about this unique system...

Whenever a Browns story breaks anywhere in the world, wants to make sure you don't miss it.

That is what The.Raw.Feed is about.

What Is The.Raw.Feed?

No one has the time to spend all day searching the web for new information when it develops, and no one source (not even Bernie's Insiders) breaks every story.

The.Raw.Feed is designed to save Browns fans time, while providing an easy way to read all the great stories which appear about the team on the web, 24 hours a day.

The.Raw.Feed is the first of it's kind for any sports team. It is an "article finder" and search engine which has been designed "from the ground up" to scan and catalog web sites which are known to provide accurate information about the Cleveland Browns. The.Raw.Feed does not blindly search documents for the phrase "Cleveland Browns", rather it as picks up Browns articles based on where and when they are posted, and then attempts to eliminate duplicate articles from common sources such as the Associated Press.

To create The.Raw.Feed, has developed customized web "robots" which scan the Internet every few minutes for new stories about the Cleveland Browns. Local sources known to provide accurate Browns news are watched, as are national sources such as ESPN. Taking this a step further, the robots even scan search engines such as Google and Altavista to add their findings to the list.

Once articles are found which might have Browns content, they are searched for phrases such as "Butch Davis" or "Dawg Pound" to try to identify which articles are about the Browns and which ones are not. The links to qualifying stories are placed in a database, and will be removed after a pre-defined period of time.

Even though The.Raw.Feed is a step beyond any other news service for Browns fans, it will occasionally miss articles or perhaps flag some which only mention the team in passing. Over time, we hope to refine our systems and search phrases to more accurately identify articles and eliminate duplicates. We will be adding additional features and capabilities to the system over the coming months.

Browns fans are already perhaps the best-informed fans of any sports team. We hope that The.Raw.Feed helps you find great Browns content on the web, whether or not it comes from us, and we hope that it provides another good reason to become a Bernie's Insiders subscriber. Sign up for a free trial to try out The.Raw.Feed as well as all the other services here at

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