Rumor Central: Cash in your Green Stamps

And you thought the Browns roster was barren? Nope! Turns out some folks might be hungry to trade for one of our players. Let's see what we can reel in!

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Thank you. Now, on with the silliness...

When I was but a wee child, grocery stores and gas stations would hand out “green stamps” when you made purchases. Being a greedy little snot, I would eagerly snag these when my mother came home from shopping and post them in books they gave you to collect them.

You could then trade in the books of green stamps for stuff.

What I remember about the experience is that it took a LOT of green stamps to get anything good. You would, I don’t know, carry a wheelbarrow of these green stamp books to the store and get a popsicle or something. It was a lot of work to get a miniscule return, I remember that.

Which reminds me of the Cleveland Browns and one Johnny Manziel. As part of their endless search for a franchise quarterback, the team has put up with a lot from Manziel, and even now has him as the first NFL starting quarterback on double-secret probation, with “harsh repurcussions” should be caught doing whatever-he-did-in-Texas again.

While the team made a common sense choice to start Manziel in order to see what they have in the quarterback, media speculation immediately started that they were really just showcasing Manziel in order to secure something/anything in exchange for the quarterback when they deal him away.

Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen, who co-wrote the article linked above, are known to be used by have sources within the Browns organization, so it’s impossible to tell whether or not the “team executive” quoted in the article is in Cleveland or elsewhere.

The most-likely destination for Manziel, in this view, are the Dallas Cowboys, where Jerry Jones contines to have a fascination with Johnny Manziel. Jones’ ardor for Manziel is such that the quarterback was even asked if Dallas was a better fit asked if Dallas was a better fit by the Cleveland media. Reports in Fort Worth are claiming to hear continuing buzz about Manziel in the Cowboys organization.

The Cowboys are still in love with Manziel? They look on him as their next potential quarterback? Fantastic! Let’s put him in the wheelbarrow and cash in our green stamps for a… a…

Conditional fourth-round pick.


Seems like the Browns have burned through a lot of effort in order to be able to draft the next Beau Bell somewhere in the fourth round. Of course, there as some who think it’s a “no brainer” to deal Manziel off for a conditional fourth-round pick, but they haven’t seen the Browns draft history up-close-and-personal.

What do you think? Would you trade Manziel for a conditional fourth-rounder?

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