Finally! Pontbriand Signs

The subtle, and not-so-subtle, pressure applied to Ryan Pontbriand appears to have worked as the long-snapping specialist from Rice has inked a five-year deal with the Browns.

The Browns have finally pulled a draft pick into camp.

Ryan Pontbriand, a long snapping specialist who was a surprise pick in the fifth-round of the draft, is the first player to have signed a deal with the Browns. Pontbriand has signed a five-year deal, and is the first success in the team's attempt to lock up draft choices for longer periods of time.

Pontbriand has been on the receiving end of some criticism by Browns President Carmen Policy for holding out, and has also been singled out by fans as being seemingly oblivious to his own good fortune of higher-than-expected slotting.

The team, meanwhile, has been aggressive about pitching five-year contracts to all of their picks. The longer contracts are unpopular with agents, who would reap the benefits of earlier free agency on the part of their clients. The team has attempted to compensate for this in the form of higher signing bonuses, which have appeal in this age of non-guarenteed contracts.

The team has not released any details about Pontbriand's contract yet. We will get you any further details as they develop. Pontbriand is expected to be at practice on Monday.

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