Video: Catching Up With "Artist" Josh Gordon

As fans look forward to next year, Josh Gordon is checking in via video but not as a football player but as an artist.

We will start to discuss what the future holds between the Cleveland Browns and Josh Gordon as soon as we know who the leadership is going to be AND he gets reinstated. At this point, he is suspended until Roger Goodell reinstates him. Some misconstrue his suspension as 1 year, but he must apply for reinstatement after 1 year but is not automatically getting back into the NFL.

The thoughts of Johnny ManzielGary BarnidgeTravis Benjamin (hopefully re-signed soon), another season at WR for Terrelle Pryor and Gordon has many Browns fans drooling with excitement.

(A lot has to go right off the field for Manziel and Gordon and on the field for Pryor for that to play out the way we all would want it to.)

Gordon has been persona non grata, besides some social media activity. We haven't heard much from him until today when we got this video unveiling the artistic side of Gordon:

Some things to note and then can't wait to hear the discussions in the forums:

  • I don't know anything about art but using photoshop to create art doesn't seem that impressive.
  • It is great that he is finding an outlet while away from football.
  • It is a great PR move that he was wearing a Cleveland Indians hat in part of the video.
  • He named a few interesting players that he wanted to get in on the art scene, including Manziel and other big name NFL players.
  • The whole party/club scene stuff in between "days" seems to point to him still out living that lifestyle. Nothing certain but not a great look given his standing suspension.
  • "I'm about that life now" can mean a lot of things. Hopefully, for both the Browns and Gordon, that he is all about that football life and getting back on the field, this time for good.

Thoughts on "Artist" Josh Gordon?

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