The relationship between Johnny Manziel and Josh Gordon remains strong amidst the receiver's suspension

Johnny Manziel said Wednesday that he and Josh Gordon, who was banished from the NFL for the entire 2015 season after violating the league's substance abuse policy for a second time, remain great friends.

BEREA—Josh Gordon revealed on Tuesday that his time away from the NFL has been spent on the computer, using PhotoShop and other photo-editing software to fulfill his artistic aspirations. 

On Wednesday, Johnny Manziel revealed that he and Gordon still keep in “constant contact,” though the wide receiver was banished from the NFL for the 2015 season. 

“I still talk to him every week,” Manziel said. “We’ve been in touch constantly throughout the season.”

Having remained in touch with Gordon throughout this season— even inviting him to a Texas A&M football game after Cleveland’s loss to Cincinnati on Thursday Night Football— Manziel seems to believe that Gordon is still very much a part of the Browns and hopes that to be the case moving forward. 

“He's still here. We still have his rights. He's still a part of this team,” Manziel said. “I'm excited to have him back. I hope he is back in the Spring for sure.”

Though there’s no assurance that Gordon will be back for the Browns next season, especially after his numerous off-field episodes, Manziel feels that a full offseason with the team would allow him to return to his previous Pro Bowl caliber. 

“All of you guys that were in 2011 or 2012 or whatever it was saw what he could bring to an offense,” Manziel said. “I think having a full offseason with him in training camp, OTAs, and then getting into the season will only help him.”

During his time away from football, Gordon has posted numerous videos of himself working out on Instagram, indicating that he's aiming for a return to the NFL.

That said, Gordon posted another video on Tuesday, but this one was a bit different. 

This video featured Gordon traveling to Art Basel in Miami, where he debuted his computer-generated creations. 

While the video was mostly about Gordon's inspiration and his art, he did discuss football for a fleeting moment, in which he said that the suspension, for him, toed the line between motivation and relief.

Whether relieved by the time off or motivated by the chance to return, most of Gordon's time away from football has been spent in a weight room or near a computer, allowing him to keep tabs on Manziel and his on-field transgressions. 

Thus far, Gordon has been very impressed with Manziel and has made it known via social media.  

For instance, during Cleveland’s game on Sunday against San Francisco, Gordon tweeted, “That number 2 guy has moxie The kid’s a natural.. Somebody lock up that contract.. lol.”

Prior to that, when Manziel was benched for violating the trust of his coaches, Gordon again vouched for his friend on Twitter, saying “Give the people what they want to see…” 

Gordon may want to see Manziel on the field for the Browns, and vice versa, but he too wants to see the quarterback in Miami to show off some of his artistic abilities. 

“Next time everybody is free, we’re all going to come back out here,” Gordon said. “Me, Colin Kaepernick, Johnny Manziel, Odell (Beckham Jr.) and Jarvis (Landry). Hopefully, this gets to shed light on artistic athletes because there are a bunch of them.”

Any evidence of Manziel’s artistic endeavors fails to exist, but, again, it’s evident that the relationship of the two players that have dealt with off-field issues in Cleveland remains quite strong.

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