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Fast Lane: The Issue with Cleveland Browns receiver Dwayne Bowe and More!

What's going on with Dwayne Bowe? What does the coaching staff think about Manziel and the Seahawks? Get the answers to these questions and more in our Premium Member forums!

The issue with Dwayne Bowe isn’t as simple as a player simply not playing up to expectations on the field, writes Lane Adkins, in the very latest of his Random Thoughts from the infamous Fast Lane forum.

Of course, the hamstring injury suffered by Bowe didn’t help, but were there expectations of special treatment assumed by the expensive free agent? Did he work as hard as other players on the squad? Get the answers behind the continued benching of Bowe here.

Also answered in the Fast Lane:

How does the coaching feel Manziel will do against the Seahawks?

What sort of playing time can Marlon Moore and Austin Pasztor expect?

What is another AFC team executive saying about Johnny Manziel?

What’s the current status of the Travis Benjamin contract talks?

Plus, lots more!

If that’s not enough, our team of writers are available to answer questions in the Ask the Insiders forum, where we do our level best to provide information and takes on the questions plaguing Browns fans.

Some of the questions we tackled this week include:

Is the situation at Texas A&M an indication that Kevin Sumlin is headed to the Browns?

Do the national reporters saying that Pettine and Farmer are both gone this off-season know something for sure?

Could Defilippo stay even if there’s a new head coach?

What’s the situation with impending free agents (Alex Mack and Mitchell Schwartz) on the Browns offensive line?

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