How Jimmy Haslam Lost the Press Conference

Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam lost his press conference tonight, at least for me. Some thoughts on why I feel that way.

To be fair, I'm probably at my lowest point right now when it comes to our beloved Cleveland Browns Organization. I was clearly on board that the Cleveland Browns would keep their regime in place for at least 3 years, no matter what. Not that I thought Ray Farmer or Mike Pettine were good at their job but thought the team needed time to let players develop. (Edit: To be clear, I always think a regime deserves 3 years. This isn't about Pettine and Farmer. I think all groups deserve a full 3 seasons.)

I also don't believe that the Browns need to win these decisions. Just like when teams "win" the off-season but struggle on the field, the Browns don't need to win this process either.

With that in mind, Jimmy Haslam lost tonight's press conference for me. (Tomorrow I hope to look at some positives, after relaxing a bit.)

First, before interviewing anyone he had already hired, from within, the head of the football side of the team. While many were concerned with the structure and people within the organization, the Browns put one of those people in charge of the football side of things. If Haslam cared at all about quieting the concerns about the organization, which I have many, he failed greatly.

Second, and to be honest most importantly, Haslam said that the structure of the organization is not important. When asked about the order in which they were doing things, more on that in a second, Haslam made this statement. Most good organizations, not just in football or pro sports but in general, have a clear Table of Organization. It sets up who reports to who, what their roles are and gives clear structure for people. The lack of structure led to backstabbing, self-serving decisions and problems the last two years and yet we have it once again.

Third, with defining that Sashi Brown has final say over the 53 man roster, including draft picks, and deciding to hire the head coach first, Haslam has limited the team. They will not have the option of a strong football guy as the GM since Brown has the role he has. Instead of a "football junkie" at the top, they have to find a young talent evaluator who has never had roster control. This is exactly how Ray Farmer was seen before the Browns brought him over from KC.

Fourth, Sashi Brown has final say over the Browns 53 man roster and draft picks with no football experience. Many nationally didn't even know who he was. Hiring THAT guy to run the football side of things doesn't bode well for the decisions or who will want to work FOR him.

Finally, the Browns are giving tons of power to their next Head Coach. It might turn out okay if they get a quality head coach with experience but if they get another 1st timer, as they have for years now, that person gets far more power than they should. Imagine a first-time coach, who have all called plays on "their side of the ball" lately, also picking the GM. That means if, like we have for the past 15 years, that coach gets fired quickly the GM he helped hire likely has to go.

I will get over it. It might actually work out well for the Browns, though history is against us. There are some positives, I promise.

What did you think about Jimmy Haslam's press conference?

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