Joe Thomas wants to wait and see what the Browns do before he makes a decision

Joe Thomas still may want to leave Cleveland, but he'll wait to see who the Browns hire.

BEREA— The lone constant on the field for the Cleveland Browns over the last nine seasons appears to be finally fed up with the constant losing and the constant change. 

Immediately following Sunday’s game, Joe Thomas— who has played every single snap for the Browns since being drafted in 2007— admitted that he may look for a way to bolt from Berea this offseason. 

After hearing of the firings of Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine and taking time to think about his words, Thomas met with the media on Monday, but didn’t necessarily change his tune. 

Rather, he said he’ll take a patient approach to the decision. 

“I don’t think any of that changes, really, until you put a head coach in place and put a GM here and you get kind of the direction of the franchise from those guys,” Thomas said, when asked whether or not his Sunday thoughts lingered into Monday. 

Though he’s willing to wait and see what the Browns do with the new head coach and general manager, he’s still not entirely thrilled that he’s dealing with his fifth coaching change in nine seasons in Cleveland. 

“Well, it doesn’t make you happy when you have to go through another coaching change. It’s tough on everybody,” Thomas said. “Coaching changes and organization changes always set you back. It’s a tough process to go through. Nobody is happy about it and it’s never easy.”

Thomas isn’t happy about the decision of owner Jimmy Haslam to make changes yet again, but after meeting with the owner as part of a team meeting on Monday, Thomas did feel as though Haslam is doing all he can to help the Browns to improve. 

“I do think that the more Mr. Haslam is around as an owner, the more he’ll learn. He’s obviously an extremely bright person who wants to get it right and who’s been doing a lot of studying of other organizations that have had success and trying to figure out what’s going to work for the Cleveland Browns,” Thomas said. “I think just the more experience he gets as an owner, the better we’ll be.”

Just because Haslam will continually improve with more experience doesn’t mean that things will definitely be different, according to Thomas. 

He’s been through these regime changes enough to know how the process works and to see that the results are not often different. 

That’s why, when asked about his confidence that this change will be the one that will bring about success in Cleveland, Thomas was hopeful, but definitely not certain, in his thoughts.

“I think it remains to be seen who we bring in here and how they go about the process— who we get for a head coach, for a GM, who we get in free agency,” Thomas said. “There’s a lot of things that are going to go into this process coming up here that hopefully will put us in the right direction.”

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