Browns Uncensored Chat Transcript

Here's the transcript from last night's very well-attended Browns Uncensored chat. Last night's chat, got so big we had to limit the floor to one person at a time, Ron and Dave talked about what they had seen so far at camp, the five-year contract gambit, and much, much more. <P>We're doing this again on Thursday night at 9PM, so swing by to talk Browns with the our Insiders again then!

vbf hi Dave
APBT hello everyone
DavidCarducci Hi vbf
ramllov Hi Dave
DavidCarducci Trying to eat and type.
FLADAWG Hey Dave and Art! Everyone else!
dabesst Good evening Senor Carducci
DavidCarducci Hi Ram
DavidCarducci Hi dabesst, FLADAWG
Lumpy who wore the yellow shirt today?
DavidCarducci Alvin McKinley
Lumpy cool
BryanK Did Courtney participate today?
FLADAWG The Browns seem serious about sitting the draft picks, true?
DavidCarducci He did. I actually forgot to ask Butch, but it seems like he might be a bit ahead of schedule. He is taking part in contact, team drills a bit sooner than I thought
Fairwayseeker Hi all!
BryanK Thanks, Dave
Chapel_Hill How soon before Faine is making snaps?
vbf hi Ron
dabesst I wanna get this question in early, cuz I've got to head up the hill to Prescott in a few minutes....
DavidCarducci FLADAWG, that seems to be true. I heard today from somebody high up that they will sign five years or sit out this season
Guest38 Can you imagine if the Browns had signed their '99 & '00 draftees to 5 year contracts. We'd be so deep in cap hell we'd never get out with all those unproductive stiffs.
ramllov Dave/Dave do you wonder what the problem is with the sixth choice and his signing?
RonJantz hello all
ChasDawg Good teams usually sit the draft picks... with a few exceptions... this is just a new luxury (with the exception of Faine) around here
dabesst When did Carmine hatch this five year plan for this draft class??
dabesst Was it discussed before the actual draft??
FLADAWG Well its become an expensive proving ground for too many teams
DavidCarducci Faine will be on the field tomorrow morning, assuming he signs the contract he's agreed to.
DavidCarducci Ram, I think his agent is just playing hard ball, refusing to sign the five-year deal no matter what. Not giving an inch
Guest95 Chaun said after the draft he would play for free why not sign the contract it is only 1 more year
Guest90 How are the linebackers performing so far?
RonJantz I watched practice on Sunday and Andra Davis looked very good in the 11-on-11
Fairwayseeker Who do you feel will be the next to sign & come in?
APBT how is Quincy Morgan looking in practice?
ChasDawg I agree... Andra Davis seems to have a natural instinct/nose for the ball
Chapel_Hill what's the word on White, is he hurt or just taking some hard hits?
DavidCarducci Dabesst, the way he made it sound, Carmen made the decision soon after the draft. Very soon, considering the initial offers were sent after the draft. A lot of it has to do with the ""reach"" picks (Carmen used the word), and the fact that the Browns feel they made a big commitment and put themselves out there for the guys. He wants more
Guest38 Dave/Ron - what's your take on this 5 year contract demand by the Browns?
waggs Is it me or has the media made Couch winning thus far?
RonJantz Here's my take on the five year...remember when the Indians(late 80-early 90's signed Lofton, Baerga, Nagy, Alomar, Omar to long term deals before they had proven themselves...the club took a risk on the long term and the player took a risk on not getting big money in the latter part of the deal is they became good...this may be a simialr plan by the Browns
dabesst That was my point...was this part of the draft strategy in any way??
Guest95 I think the browns deserve it too! these guys need to get on the field and earn the bonuses
southdawg Dave, How is a. Davis(wr)leg ?
ChasDawg Carmen said the picks were reaches... nausea is setting in... yup there it goes
RonJantz very good point
dallasdawg but what about faine's 5yr deal. he should have been a 7 yr deal
Guest38 But doesn't history hold that the majority of 4-5-6-7 round picks are stiffs.
DavidCarducci White is supposedly fine ... but then you never know what to believe with the Browns in terms of injuries. He had his bell rung twice in two days, and has signs of a mild concussion.
artbtz Lumpy will be first in line!
DavidCarducci Davis should be fine. They are just being very careful
FLADAWG Do all of you really believe the Browns would make a player who performs well or above for 2 years would not work a better deal out sooner than the end of the 5 year deal?l?
DavidCarducci Faine's deal is 7-years officially. The deal is voidable after five. It's a way of working in the signing bonus without taking on as much of a cap hit
Lumpy how are the backup tackles going? I hear gonzo has improved...
Lumpy is there a chance we see McKinley in the DT rotation a bit more...and how do you feel Campo feels about Warren?
DavidCarducci Lumpy, it's hard to tell at this point. He's done fairly well in one-on-one drills. I'll be more interested to see what happens Saturday
DavidCarducci Lumpy, I think there is a very good chance of seeing more of McKinley for several reasons. Davis loves the guy for one. Plus, McKinley has worked very hard
DavidCarducci He's been in Berea almost the entire offseason
Lumpy everyone is saying Green is looking great....just a learning curve?
RonJantz very much so on McKinley. I think Campo loves Warren. I talked to Warren yesterday and he loves Campo's scheme
Guest95 Since Chaun said after the draft he would play for free do you think the holdup is him or his agent, same with other picks is this an agent problem?
DavidCarducci Hang on one second. Have to tape this Ben Curtis interview
RonJantz I believe the agent is always the source of trouble. Remember, they make their livelihood on theses guys
Guest95 I agree they want the short contract so they can work another and make more money
RonJantz as for Thompson...the kids has got to step up and take a hard stance with his agent. He's been presented the shot of a lifetime with tthe Browns
DavidCarducci I think it is mostly his agent. I know Chaun wants to get in, and I think this is hurting him more than almost any other player considering the fact he is coming from such a small school. He needs camp and he really needs next week's scrimmage to get his feet wet
Guest95 Hopefully the browns picked some class acts and they will let their agent know they want on the field now
Guest95 I am with you guys, thats it thanks
RonJantz if you guys want a classic example of how an agent can screw up a career ...look to basketball with the local kid..Steve Logan
DavidCarducci I can understand why some of the lower round guys are reluctant to sign, but there are escalator clauses in each offer that would pay them above market value. They probably wouldn't play out the fourth or fifth year of the deal anyway.
DavidCarducci The Browns are not being cheep by the way
Chapel_Hill Are the Browns going to talk long term contract with 'Cutt or hold off and take a look at the other receivers?
DavidCarducci They gave Pontbriand a bonus bigger than anyone in the 5th round, and bigger than two 4th rounders
RonJantz $235,000 bonus for a long snapper...not bad work if you can get it
Chapel_Hill for the rest of the preseason, season or the following offseason, I get the impression that they're willing to let at least the season play out and see what the other guys have.
RonJantz Chapel Hill...I think the agent is positioning...using the papers and tube to play the game
RonJantz all Cutt did last year was make plays
DavidCarducci Chapel Hill, I think they'll hold off. While Dennis had a nice year, he still has to prove he can do it again and again. Remember, Davis' biggest thing is consistency. They have made no attempts to extend Dennis, as I understand it, and probably won't. They know they are in a position of strength, and they like several of the backups like Andre Davis and even Frisman, who have the bigger frame and well above average speed tha [msg continues in 20
DavidCarducci t Davis loves [msg complete]
Chapel_Hill Good deal, thanks guys.
RonJantz see ya Chapel
DavidCarducci Thanks Chapel Hlll
artbtz Fevah is up!
DavidCarducci Hey Fevah
BrownsFEVAH Hey David! Whats with our 6th round pick, Mr Antonio Gary, holding out his agent insane?
DavidCarducci Fevah, I guess he is just not willing to budge. Sometimes players don't understand that their agent is putting them in a bad position. Garay is a talent, but he is very injury prone, the reason for his draft status. He should take the security of the contract.
artbtz By the way, if you don't like seeing all these messages about people joining and leaving, click the left-most icon in the toolbar and de-select ""Show Joins"".
BrownsFEVAH damn straight he should!!!! thanx dave
artbtz All done FEVAH?
DavidCarducci He was a gamble anyway, and now the Browns have to spend their time working on the higher picks. The guys who have a chance to have an impact this year
BrownsFEVAH yep...go browns!
BrownsFEVAH all done art!
DavidCarducci Thanks Fevah
artbtz You're up Waggs!!
waggs The media has made Couch the early this The Insiders take also?
DavidCarducci They do have orange pants. I think you will see those at least once this year. THey have tested them with both the brown and orange jerseys
RonJantz the orange pants looked good onthe Kardiac Kids
RonJantz on Couch-Holcomb we won't be able start to tell anything...I think...untilafter Saturday's scrimmage
DavidCarducci Waggs, I think it will be Couch, but then I always have thought that. Couch is playing well. He is in good shape. They can win with him. The same can be said for Holcomb. But giving Couch the job throws things off kilter a bit. In Couch you have a guy who is used to being the starter and would not be happy as a backup
waggs Kelly throwing interceptions and not looking good, Tim just the opposite
DavidCarducci In HOlcomb, you have a guy who has always been a capable backup and can accept the role for at least another year.
RonJantz I think we really need to see these guys extended against an opponent...not in an 11-on-11
DavidCarducci So if Holcomb does not dramatically outplay him, I think it will be Couch
artbtz All set Waggs?
waggs yes, thanks
RonJantz I agree with Dave...I think Kelly needs to outplay tim big time to win it
DavidCarducci Thanks Waggs
artbtz You're up FLADAWG!!
DavidCarducci Hello FLADAWG
FLADAWG If you get these players signed to 5 year deals, and hey perform well better than average for 2 years wouldn't it be bad business to not renegotiate the original 5 year deal?
RonJantz Carmen has said that the Browns will ""in good faith"" redo those deals shold that happen
DavidCarducci I think beyond bad business, it would almost be unavoidable. Policy said just the other day that if these players perform the way they and the team thinks they will, they will never play out the end of that original five year deal.
FLADAWG How is SandersDarnell looking?
DavidCarducci Not so good Fladawg. I'd hoped to see a bit more of him early on, because I was surprised by how much I liked him last year. He struggled the other day in blitz drills. dropped on his butt a couple times
DavidCarducci Heiden looks very good.
RonJantz Sanders is in a big time competition right now with Heiden and a healthy Shea.
FLADAWG Well I still though Heiden was an excellant pickup last year and hopefully will be the go to TE
artbtz All set FLADAWG?
FLADAWG Thanks I'll let others in .
RonJantz Butch said yesterday that he doesn't think people realize what a good pick-up Heiden was
DavidCarducci I agree. Heiden was a steal from the Chargers. It's still a position of weakness, though. Winslow Jr. sure would look good next year.
artbtz DallasDawg is up!
dallasdawg I have a couple questions 1) how do the corners look? I am afraid they can be one of the bigger liabilities. 2) Why did the browns sign Faine to what is essentially a 5yr deal. If they are pushing late rnd guys to 5 I though the first rounder wopuld be a 7 yr deal. Oh.. sorry one more. Has Couch really look to be improved? Can he, since he's healthy, take command of the offense. He looked very sharp last preseaon.
DavidCarducci With how thin they are at TE, I was surprised they dealt Campbell.
DavidCarducci 1) corners are looking fair. McCutcheon seems to be coming into his own. He is very cut, he is playing very aggressive, bigger than his size. I like where he is right now in his career. He is more than I thought he would be.
DavidCarducci Henry has been slowed by injury and Sanders has not shown anything special. I still really like the kid from Duquesne.
RonJantz I like Cutch's experience. He's made strides every year
dallasdawg Does L Sanders look like he could start and be productuive?
DavidCarducci 2) I think we'll learn more about the deal tomorrow, so I'll revisit it then. I thought it would be seven, and truly seven
artbtz BTW, Lumpy left to go teach his kids how to long-snap.
RonJantz that's the one question I still have about Tim...will he take command (in a leader, tough way) of this offense. There's no doubt he's a very tough guy...he can take a hit...I mean can he get in that huddle and get tough...only the guys in the huddle know
artbtz All set Dallas?
dallasdawg Thanks guys! I am excited about this year. Should be fun.
DavidCarducci I think Couch should have a very good year. I expected a breakthrough last year, but I really expect it now. He finally has all the weapons he needs to be successful. The line is better than it has ever been. I love the way he is handling the whole competition.
RonJantz thanks Dallas
DavidCarducci I agree, it should be fun. Thanks Dallas
artbtz You're up Chipper!
chipperjones Dave or Ron - with all the talk about who starts at QB, I'm more concerned about the defense. I think we have some real red flags - all the way from the line to the secondary. How has everyone responded thus far to Campo's new scheme? Thanks - Chip
DavidCarducci chipper, I agree completely. No matter who is the quarterback, the offense has a chance to be successful.
RonJantz Warren described it this way...he says it's very a foundation on a house...then as they develop he'll add more wrinkles...Warren liked it
DavidCarducci The defense has some very big question marks, and so far I am encouraged about several of the issues. I really like Bentley at LB, and I like him even more in the Coakley role of the Dallas-style defense, lining him up as a weakside linebacker on the TE side.
artbtz Any follow-up Chipper?
chipperjones One more - How are Dre Davis' chances at starting this year at WR? I like KJ, but I have always envisioned him in a similar role to that of Troy Brown of the Pats - an undersized but reliable possession receiver.
DavidCarducci I'm more and more impressed by Ben Taylor, mostly because I've talked off the record with several veterans who have raved about him for his intelligence and his speed. On the record, Kenard Lang is one of the guys who is really looking forward to having Ben behind him.
DavidCarducci He loves the guy
RonJantz I like to think that all the WR are starters... arotation that can be very effective
artbtz THanks Chipper...
DavidCarducci I still have some questions about the corners. I'm very anxious to see Lehan, who was often spectacular in minicamp.
artbtz Chas up next
ChasDawg There had been a lot of talk about moving training camp, but that seems to have quieted. Any specific reason for this change of heart?
DavidCarducci And I am encouraged by Courtney coming along ahead of schedule
DavidCarducci I think Butch just is starting to understand how comfortable it is to stay put. It's a great facility. It's nice to have everyone right there. To have Carmen and Pete be able to come right down to the field from their office during negotiations and give updates.
ChasDawg Qasim Mitchell has size for sure, but has he shown anything these first few days besides girth?
DavidCarducci There were several questions about sites. Hiram would have been tough. They can actually control camp with the hotel just as easily as they could a small college.
RonJantz one reason...I would think...would be the financial commitment it would take...not only because of the world class facility the Browns have in Bera...but what it would to set up somewhere wise it doesn't make sense
RonJantz Butch said he's really been keeping an eye on the back-ups and had good things to say about Mitchell yesterday...he single him out
ChasDawg Last one... James JAckson was getting 4th string reps behind #36 whose name escapes me... is this because he is on the way out or because Davis knows what he has in him and does not need to see him practice as much as new kid? Thanks!
DavidCarducci Chas, he has shown that he is raw, but willing to work. He is certainly talented, but they have been working very hard with him on technique and footwork. The guy who is looking very good is Zukauskas. He had a very impressive block today on 11-on-11. He's more polished than Q from being in the league for three years. Sometimes it takes a guy that long
DavidCarducci Chas, they've had people practicing all over the place. I wouldn't read anything into it. Today, JJ was the 2nd team running back, running a few plays in tandem with William in a 2-back set. There were times when you would have thought KJ and Quincy were the third-team receivers, too.
DavidCarducci but they were not
ChasDawg gotcha... thats what one day of viewing can do.. start rumors :)
artbtz #36 is Billy Blanchard unless they've changed numbers again
RonJantz I think #36 is Billy agent out of Murray State. I know JJ made some nice runs on Sunday in 11-on-11
artbtz Thanks Chas... good questions...
DavidCarducci OH... What a shot by Els... sorry watching golf in the background
DavidCarducci Thanks Chas
DavidCarducci Hi Ram
RonJantz I atlked to Word sunday...he says he ""did not surprise himself at all last year"" with his success. He's got a good chip on his shoulder because he's always ""had to prove himself"". He can't wait to play Saturday to see how much he's improved...that's Word
RonJantz Sanders is in a big time competition right now with Heiden and a healthy Shea.
RonJantz don't know why that re-appeared...sorry
DavidCarducci Ram, my gut feeling is that Bodden is this year's Pearson. I look for him possibly hitting the practice squad because it's going to be hard to sneak Crocker or Lehan there. They have an investment in those two, so they will put a priority on developing them. But Bodden had the talent to be drafted, and he has the size, speed and insticts for a corner to be worth the time. I think they'lll find a way to get him on the practice [msg continues in 20
DavidCarducci squad [msg complete]
ramllov Hi Guys
ramllov If the DB Bodden continues to do well and makes the team, which DB will end up being cut? I would also like to hear about DE Word and other DE backups? Especially the guy from Canada?
ramllov Is Word showing he can play the run this year?
RonJantz he did in the 11-on-11 I watched on Suday
ramllov What about the DE from Canada, has he shown anything?
DavidCarducci Ram, nothing yet to show that. At least nothing I've seen. Again, it's something to watch for on Saturday.
ramllov Thank you
artbtz Thanks Ram
RonJantz thank you
artbtz ep is up!
epbrowns Dave and Ron, what are your thoughts on the linebacker depth for this year?
DavidCarducci It's hard to tell this early with some of the DL's. Not a whole lot of hitting yet, although there was a pretty good middle drill yesterday with some big hits. Neither player stood out in that drill, though
DavidCarducci Thanks ram. Take care
DavidCarducci Hi ep
epbrowns Hi, Dave
RonJantz I's say it's worrisome...if that's aword
epbrowns I would agree
epbrowns Are the starters clearly defined yet?
RonJantz I asked the DL if they felt extra pressure to bottle it up and keep people off the young LB' a man...said no...they trust and have confidence. Of course, what would you expect them to say...but I gotta believe it's a concern
DavidCarducci Not completely. There are obviously a few questions. I think the WR rotation is pretty set, with anyone capable of starting.
DavidCarducci TE appears to be Heiden, with Shea at H-back and some TE.
DavidCarducci RB is set. We know the QB situation, and the OL appears to be set
artbtz Anything else ep?
epbrowns What about the remaining draft picks that havent signed yet? Who do you think will follow next in signing
DavidCarducci There is some question at LB. Can Gardner cover? If not, Andra Davis could end up winning that job. I think the Bentley at weakside and Taylor at strongside is set. If courtney is healthy, I think we'll see the same starting DL, and Henry hasn't necessarily won the CB job opposite McCutcheon.
DavidCarducci Some of the best competition though will be for backup spots.
RonJantz I'm going to go out on a limb and say Thompson. He's got the most to lose right now
epbrowns Ok. Thats all I have right now. Thanks Dave, Ron, and Art!
RonJantz thanks ep
artbtz Fairwayseeker is up!
Fairwayseeker Thanks Art, Dave or Ron: Which of the injuries seem most serious? Warren, Henry, Davis or White? Also, do you think we'll see any 4 WR sets this year?
DavidCarducci I agree with Ron. I think it is without a doubt Thompson who has the most to lose. He is fortunate in that he comes from a school with a former NFL D-coordinator as coach. He knows a complex defensive scheme and he is familiar with some of the terminology. The roblem is that school was D-II. He needs this work
DavidCarducci Hi Fairwayseeker
artbtz FLADAWG and Guest38 will be the last two in line, then I'll take the moderation hammer off.
DavidCarducci None seems serious. Warren was back on the field in limited work today. Henry is also back on the field. Davis and White are not practicing right now, but all the tests are negative.
DavidCarducci Fairwayseeker. I think you will. We've seen a few in practice already
Fairwayseeker Thanks again, now, finally yout opinions: Record this year? Is Q getting a real chance to start?
DavidCarducci Immediately after the draft I though 6-10 or 7-9. I'm more in line with 9-7 now. That's what I'm going with for the moment, but the key to me is still Warren and Courtney. They must be the players the Browns thought they were getting. Or at least Warren has to. Brown just has to do something
Fairwayseeker David earlier you said you don't think 'Cutt will be offered an extension, is that true? Thanks for your time I'm finished!
DavidCarducci I think Q is getting more of a chance to learn. They want to see how he does in the preseason games, and they want to see if he can play at a high level for an extended period in those games. I think he still has quite a bit to learn before you see him starting. Next year is my bet
RonJantz's a tough, brutal sked...I'm going with 8-and-8 and hoping the defense makes it work
RonJantz Dave's right...if the yound lb are going to be's up to Brown and Warren to prove their's time to play big
artbtz FLADAWG is up, with Guest 38 next!
DavidCarducci Fairwayseeker, I think they'll have him play out the contract, then talk to him. Just a gut feeling that they want to see how he comes back from his improved season.
FLADAWG Out of all the UDFAs who could push one of the draftees out?
artbtz Wow, I like that question.
artbtz I couldn't answer it, but I like it.
RonJantz I'm assuming UDFA means un drafted free agents..if about Bodden
DavidCarducci I like what people tell me about Israel Idonije, and I'm looking forward to seeing more about him.
FLADAWG Any surprise by any of the vets in 3 days? Who in the mds of theinsiders will be this years Cinderella player?
DavidCarducci Bodden is certainly a possibility.
DavidCarducci I think Jay Taylor is a possibility in 2004.
FLADAWG Was Pearson a UDFA?
artbtz Yes he was Fla
RonJantz FA 2002
DavidCarducci I think Mason Unck could win a job as a special teams guy. If he shows something in preseason games, and the young DB's improve, maybe a guy like Sanders gets squeezed out
FLADAWG Thanks guys thats all Art
RonJantz thank you fladawg
Guest38 Basic question - can you describe how Bentley will line up in relation to the DE and TE in Campo's set up. If the DE is responsible for the TE, who will cover the OT on that side?
RonJantz Bentley will line up with TE side most of time in Campos' scheme
DavidCarducci Cinderella player ... well, he's not a Cinderella really, but I think Shea finally has a decent year this season. Just a hunch.
DavidCarducci I think we are really going to like McKinley this year as he gets more of an opportunity.
RonJantz Bentley will be protected by the DE on his side
Guest38 Last question - will Butch Davis stay in Cleveland beyond his 5 year contract? Lest we forget.....Thanks for the memories.
RonJantz def lineman... I mean
DavidCarducci Yes. Actually the DE covers up the Bentley lining up against the TE, but he is more likely to take on either a double team with the TE and DE or just the DE. According to Bentley, TE's rarely get to the weakside LB lining up on the TE side.
RonJantz the strong side lB will take on the I understand it and allow the WLB to run mofree
DavidCarducci If there is a double team with the T and the G on the RDE, then the C is left to decide who to take on between the Mike and Sam linebacker. The big assumption is that the Mike is going to have to deal with the C, the Sam will be faced with the lead blocker, FB. And then if then assuming the TE can not get to Bentley, he is free to roam.
DavidCarducci That's the way it worked with TB
artbtz Any takes on the question regarding Butch sticking around?
Guest38 Thanks for all the x's and o's.
DavidCarducci Basically, in the NFL, the TE isn't as good a blocker as the FB, and this keeps the Wil LB from taking on Iso's as often.
RonJantz must of missed it...what was the quesiton on Bucth
RonJantz thank yo 38
Guest38 Will he be here after 5 years?
DavidCarducci Didn't see that question on Butch.... I had always thought Butch would be here for 3 or 4 years. I think he is more comfortable here now, especially as he's brought in a few more of his guys, and watched a few guys leave with whom the relationship was a bit strained.
DavidCarducci I think he will be here for a few more years, so yes.
RonJantz good question. I think success obviously drives this if he enjoys the ultimate success...Super Bowl...Browns will do everything in theri power to keep him...if he doesn't...but tastes success...his drive will kepp him here to finish the job
artbtz Lots of great questions tonight. I'm lifting moderation shortly.
artbtz Thanks guys!
DavidCarducci Thanks AB. Thanks guys
DavidCarducci I have to run.
DavidCarducci Early morning tomorrow.
RonJantz thanks everyone
ramllov Thanks for coming
BryanK Thanks, guys
DavidCarducci Yes. The scheme is different, mostly with the LB's and the responsibilities with various fronts to keep the LB's clean to make plays.
DavidCarducci Sorry guys. I have to run
DavidCarducci Oh, and Fowler is a guard right now
DavidCarducci I think he does need more time.
RonJantz nice job Dave...take care all
redright TThanks Dave
artbtz See ya! Transcript up probably around noon tomorrow.
DavidCarducci Thanks Ron. Same to you. Take care, and I'm sorry I missed you Sunday. I was on the golf course. Needed a day off
Lumpy thanks Dave and Ron !!
RonJantz hope yo hit em straight
RonJantz I'm out...bye

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