Hue Jackson's former players appear to love him

While it remains to be seen what will become of Hue Jackson with the Browns, his former players seem to have an immense amount of love for the new coach in Cleveland.

The hire hasn't even been made official and already former players are expressing their love for Hue Jackson. 

Jackson, who has reportedly agreed to become the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns, was in Cincinnati as the offensive coordinator and a running backs coach for the last three seasons and, amidst that time, seemingly made quite the impact on his players while there. 

Take Bengals left tackle, Andrew Whitworth, for instance, who was as thrilled as anyone that Jackson got the job, despite losing him as a coach in Cincinnati.

Another one of Jackson's former players, Artrell Hawkins, referred to the coach as "Black Bill Belichick." 

Then, there's the ever-expressive former Bengals receiver, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, who had high praise for Jackson.

Two more receivers, both former Bengals and current Browns-- Andrew Hawkins and Terrelle Pryor-- seem to be elated with the news, as was their pass-catching counterpart.

Hawkins offered further praise to NFL Network's Albert Breer, through text message.

Though he wasn't a Bengal, former NFL first-round selection, Aaron Curry, recounts a tale from Jackson in Oakland.

Former Cleveland Browns staff writer, Kevin Jones, reached out to a few players in the current Browns locker room, who are unnamed, yet excited for what the new coach could bring to the fold.

Finally, former Browns offensive lineman, Jason Pinkston, recounted his brief exposure to Jackson-- an encounter that ensures Pinkston that Jackson will be quite a popular coach for the players.

According to Tom Withers of the Associated Press, Jackson is set to be formally introduced as the next head coach of the Cleveland Browns at a press conference later this evening at the Browns' facility in Berea. 

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