Why Hue Jackson Is a Huge Win for Browns

The Cleveland Browns have brought in Hue Jackson and it has been, almost, universally praised. There are reasons for that.

Most Browns fans are happy today. While some may have wanted Adam Gase, Matt Patricia or Chip Kelly, Hue Jackson is seen as a great hire. Jackson's pedigree won over those who wanted a "football guy" while his personality won over those who wanted a "leader."

Here are a few reasons that Jackson's hire was huge for the Browns

  • The Browns got their first choice. Our own Lane Adkins kept our subscribers up to date on the interview process throughout. It was clear that the Browns wanted Jackson, while also being impressed by a few others. The Browns haven't seemed to get their first choice in a long time which can create some problems down the road. (Terrible analogy: If your 6th choice for Prom finally said yes, you probably wouldn't dance with them the entire time.)

  • The Browns got the Prom King. The need for that terrible analogy was wanting to continue it here. Jackson was a wanted man. The Bengals wanted to keep him, with some thinking they would fire Marvin Lewis to do so. The Niners, by all accounts, had him at the top of their list. The Giants were supposed to interview him today and then moved on to their next target once Hue was off the table. Finally, Mike Silver reported the Eagles reached out to Hue for an interview. The Browns got him. The Browns got the guy basically everyone wanted.

  • Jackson's head coaching experience is helpful. Only Eric Mangini and Nick Skorich, look him up, had ever been a head coach in the NFL before coming to the Browns. Butch Davis was a major college football head coach. While there is no right way, having some experience as a head coach, even only 1 year, can be huge. Jackson, in his conversation with Nathan Zegura, said he doesn't think anyone is ready for that first HC job in the NFL. Jackson, due to Al Davis' passing, had a lot of responsibilities in that one year and that experience will be huge.

  • Hue is a football lifer. When looking at the different candidates for the Browns job, I kept coming back to Jackson and Josh McDaniels. Both had head coaching experience then returned to lower positions successfully. Jackson's was especially intriguing as he returned to the Bengals as a defensive backs coach after being a head coach. A great sign of a football lifer that he just wanted to work in football. That experience, as he noted to Zegura, also helped him understand the entire game of football better. Jackson is a football lifer and that is something the Browns needed.

  • Leader of men. That phrase can be overused but with Jackson it seems so true. Players who have played for him came out of the woodwork to congratulate him. He talked about having 142 text messages, a lot from coaches, which is a sign of people wanting to work for and with him. He won the press conference (not something I normally care about) by talking confidently without talking points or trying to hard. People follow people who are confident in themselves and can be real. Football players can smell fake a mile away. Nothing about Hue Jackson is fake and players will follow him.

  • Seems to want to keep Joe Thomas. Nothing we have heard from Hue has made it seem like our Pro Bowl LT is going anywhere. With the dearth of offensive linemen in the league, Jackson knows the value of having a Hall of Famer caliber player. For fans who don't want to start over from scratch, Jackson seems to agree with you.

  • Finally, Jackson has great knowledge of the AFC North. Besides being with the Bengals since 2012, he was also with the team for 3 seasons with Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh as their WR coach. He also served as the Ravens QB coach in Joe Flacco's rookie year. Being successful in several stops, as well as first-hand knowledge of two of our division rivals, is a great sign that Jackson can be successful with the Browns.

The Cleveland Browns seemed to get their head coaching hire correct. The proof will obviously come over the next few years but for now, Hue Jackson is the right guy and a huge get for the team.

What makes you like the Jackson hire? What concerns do you still have?

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