Carson Wentz: Get to Know the QB

The Cleveland Browns have the #2 and #32 picks. Carson Wentz is being mentioned as a Top 10 pick but, coming out of North Dakota State, many don't have a lot of information on him.

Hue Jackson seemed to make it clear in one of his first interviews that the Browns would be looking at drafting a QB with one of their top picks. Right after the college season, many Browns fans hoped that the team could draft Joey Bosa at #2 then one of the QBs with the 32nd pick.

Carson Wentz was the QB that many hoped/thought would be available at 32 or with a trade up into the 1st Round for the Browns. Very quickly those hopes seem unlikely as Wentz stock has "risen" in the eyes of many in the media, reportedly matching what many teams seem to think about him as well.

Where once Paxton Lynch was the small school, high upside QB in the draft, Wentz has seemed to surpass him before even starting the Senior Bowl, much less the Combine, process.

Wentz helped lead NDSU to the National Title in the Football Subdivision. He came back from an injury this year and played well in the Title game. The 6'5" QB was in a run first system but has shown the physical tools to make all the throws. The transition from his college level of competition to the NFL is huge. 

Most believe Wentz will need at least a year on the bench to develop before being thrown into the fire. Browns fans don't seem to have the patience for that. With players like Joe Thomas sick of losing, its possible that the more NFL ready Jared Goff is the Browns target instead.

Ian Wharton had a great write-up on Wentz before the season started, including showing specific plays of both positives and negatives.

Many have concerns that the hype just won't match the production, especially given his level of competition:

Wentz's mobility will have to save him from his own feet. At this point, he looks more like a Joe Flacco, another FCS product and a mid-first-round pick, than a layup franchise passer that we're accustomed to seeing as the first quarterback taken off the board.

The Senior Bowl, next week's all-star game in Mobile, Alabama, should be telling, as final thoughts on Wentz will develop after a week of practice. Even playing vanilla concepts against the best athletes he's ever lined up against should give us a better feel on how big of a splash the Bison passer can really make.

Wentz is going to be a big topic of conversation between now and the NFL Draft. Just a little taste of what people are saying and a chance to hear from the QB himself in the above  over 6 minute interview.

What are your thoughts on Wentz, especially as a possible Top 10 pick in the NFL Draft? Have you watched games or thoughts based on what others are saying?

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